Nacho Venison Bean Bake by PSE’s Emily Anderson

By Emily Anderson


The venison in my freezer is slowly dwindling down, but there are still plenty of packages to get me through a couple more months.  With each package subtracted from my freezer supply, I am mentally calculating how much longer it will last.

With my stock rapidly becoming depleted, I found myself eyeballing a poor deer that was laying near a fence line as I was on my way to work the other morning.  It was an odd location for a deer to decide to settle in for it’s afternoon nap.  I was confident that another commuter into town probably collided with the deer earlier that morning.  The doe or perhaps recently antler-less buck caught my eye as my car speed by, and as our eyeballs met, my caffeine depraved state of mind and work commitment kept me pushing on towards town as I fought the temptation to turn my car around.  I quickly phoned my husband to see when he would be making his way back through the woods.  I asked him to check on the deer and if he was still laying there, to call the Division of Wildlife to see if a roadkill tag could be issued … depending on the condition of the deer.   It would be a win-win.  The deer would be put out of it’s misery, and the supply of meat in our freezer would be restocked.  However, it wasn’t meant to be.  Someone else either put the deer down or it recovered enough to meander back into the woods.

Each state is different in their rules / regulations on whether roadkill tags are issued.  If you are up to it, I would encourage you to find out what the rules where you live.  I know that in Colorado there are opportunities to acquire a tag if the opportunity is right.  We’ve put down an elk a couple years ago on the side of the road after it got tangled with a truck and fence line.  After receiving permission from the Division of Wildlife, we were issued a roadkill tag and put him out of his misery.  Honestly, that was the best tasting elk we’ve had!

Whether you have roadkill meat or you are using up venison from last season, here is a tasty recipe that I know your family will love!


Nacho Venison Bean Bake


*  1 pound ground venison

*  1 cup onion

*  1 chopped red pepper

*  1 package taco seasoning

*  1 can tomato sauce

*  1 can diced tomatoes

*  1 can chili beans

*  1 can black beans (drained)

*  1 can whole kernel corn (drained)

*  Nacho chips

*  1-2 cups cheddar cheese

Brown the venison, and add the onion and pepper.  Season with taco seasoning.  Stir in the tomato sauce, beans, and corn.  Cover and simmer.


Grease a 13 x 9 inch baking pan.  Add a layer of nacho chips on the bottom of the pan.  Spoon a healthy layer of the venison and bean mixture.  Layer with more chips and cheese.  Add remaining venison / bean mixture and finish with a layer of chips and cheese.

350 degrees for 30 min or until bubbly.  Enjoy!


P.s., IMO this bake is better the second time around.  Heat and spoon over a wedge of lettuce and some sour cream.

Emily Anderson’s hunting journey began shortly after she got married. She enjoys the passions for the outdoors, hunting and fishing as a team with her husband. She established www.FromTheDraw.com as a way to share her stories as a female hunter. Emily lives in Colorado which allows her to hunt elk each September in the Rocky Mountains. She is now a PSE Staff Blogger and will be posting daily about her experiences and views on archery and hunting.

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  1. YUM! Can I toss in some jalapenos?

    March 20, 2013 at 12:15 pm

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