By Pedro Ampuero


Its being a coooold winter, but that has never been an excuse to get out and try our best.

Here are some pics of the last two months of hunting with a total of 21 days out.

chonacoI ahve been after chamois, ibex, deer, boars, duck, partridges,… Had a lot of fun.

Finallly got a huge boar which was awesome!! Hope you like them.

This past weekend I have been filming a TV show, got a two deer and a wildboar, i will send you pics later.

capraLuck is back again! Take care,


Pedro Ampuero was raised in Spain, a country full of hunting opportunities in which the hunting season goes year round. He spends many days each year in the field and traveling the world in search of new adventures. You will always find him outdoors scouting, hunting, filming or tracking with his Bavarian bloodhound.

Pedro is a mechanical engineer by trade and a bowhunter by heart. He is the co-founder of the blog AdventurousBowhunter.com and Cazandoconarco.es and has written many articles for the hunting industry and currently collaborates with the most prestigious companies on the industry.

To learn more about PSE’s top quality bows and bowhunting accessories, click here.


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  1. Reblogged this on 323 Archery Shoot and commented:
    I would dearly love to find a good piece of private property to hunt hogs on here in Georgia. I hear a lot of ‘oh we’re ate up with hogs!’ but can’t seem to find any property owners that want the hogs gone, or that aren’t already in an agreement with a trapper.

    February 8, 2013 at 5:41 am

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