Stalking Boars by PSE’s Pedro Ampuero

By Pedro Ampuero

Blog: http://www.adventurousbowhunter.com/


Wildboars in Spain have always experience a huge hunting pressure, and can get really spooky.

This pressure has made them be most of the time nocturnal, which makes really hard to hunt them.

Luckily, it has been a great year of acorns, and we have been seeing some boars at last day looking for them.

This has allowed us to spend some days trying to stalk boars, which is way more fun than waiting for them in a tree. They have an awesome nose, but the hearing and eyesight is not as good as deer, so you can get closer. I shot this young boar from 30 yards.

Its getting colder every day, and I hope to be able to drop some more during the last month of the season.

Good luck all in the woods,

Pedro Ampuero


Pedro Ampuero was raised in Spain, a country full of hunting opportunities in which the hunting season goes year round. He spends many days each year in the field and traveling the world in search of new adventures. You will always find him outdoors scouting, hunting, filming or tracking with his Bavarian bloodhound.

Pedro is a mechanical engineer by trade and a bowhunter by heart. He is the co-founder of the blog AdventurousBowhunter.com and Cazandoconarco.es and has written many articles for the hunting industry and currently collaborates with the most prestigious companies on the industry.

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