PSE’s Dustin Jones Hunting- A Positive Influence

By Dustin Jones
Dustin Jones and Son Fynch

PSE’s Dustin Jones and Son Fynch

There are numerous reasons why I enjoy bowhunting. I love being outdoors and taking in all that nature has to offer. There is something about walking through the woods with a bow in your hand in search of an animal that cannot be described. For me hunting in general has much deeper meaning.

When I was younger and just starting to hunt, my dad taught me not only about hunting but values that would carry over into my everyday life. There have been countless times when my dad and I would sit and talk about life and what’s on our mind while we would glass the hillside or eat lunch under a big pine tree. I was able to tell my dad anything and know that I had his full attention; well unless we heard an elk bugle off in the distance then we both would get distracted. Some of the greatest memories that I have with my dad are while we have been out hunting.

Keegan and Brock

As a family, we love sharing our passion for the outdoors with those around us. I remember when we started introducing one of my cousins to hunting because he had asked my dad to take him. He was pretty quiet and at times timid but you could tell that he was excited to be out there. As we began teaching him about being persistent, determined, and patient you could tell he was just a sponge soaking it all in. Soon he was breaking out of his shell and being more open with us after several trips.

Keegan and his Ducks and Goose

It didn’t take him long to get hooked. He loves to hunt and has just as strong of a passion for it as we do. He would talk about it and want to go as often as he could, in fact he would hurry home after school and sit in his tree stand for a couple hours before diner. After a while his dad started to show interest in getting back into hunting. He had not been hunting in years but wanted to spend that time with his son. As they started going hunting together, his two younger boys started showing interest in going hunting with him as well. It is great to see them all get out and enjoy hunting together. All I can think about is those times that I spent with my dad out in the woods and think how neat it was to see them do the same.

PSE’s Dusin Jones Father and Weston

The memories that I have with my dad are some that I will never forget. I am grateful for the lessons that I have learned and for the bond that it has formed within our family. Introducing a child to hunting is a rewarding experience and you never know the impact it may have on their lives. As I take my kids hunting I hope to create memories with them that they will never forget.

Dustin Jones is a passionate outdoorsman who loves to hunt, especially bowhunt. He created his blog, HighCountryBowhunter.com, to share his experiences with others. He is a Field Staff member for DIYbowhunter.com and Adventure Team member for MINOX Hunting Optics.

Dustin was born and raised in Eastern Idaho where he currently resides with his wife and two sons.

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