PSE’s Jared “J-Rod” Bloomgren- Priceless

By Jared “J-Rod” Bloomgren

Jared “J-Rod” Bloomgren

PSE’s Jared “J-Rod” Bloomgren & Friend

What makes hunting complete for many? What makes hunting have more of a meaning for many as well? If you haven’t guessed yet it is hunting with family and friends. Although I am a hardcore DIY bowhunter and hunt many areas and times a year alone (basically because others can’t keep up) it is still impossible to put a value on hunting with family and friends. The friendship and love that is shared and forged through time hunting is unlike any other event that you can do in my opinion. It is a very spiritually passionate relationship that is shared with others while in the field chasing your game of choice. It is very powerful as well when you hunt with someone that you have a relationship with that allows you to think alike when it comes to hunting. This can really benefit you and the other hunting with you as thinking alike will ultimately make you more successful.

I will be the first to admit that I cannot hunt with just anybody. They need to have the same passion and love for hunting that I do. When I hunt I am a very patient person and every move of mine is thought out and not hasty. This has allowed me to be very successful with my stick and string over the years. I also admit that I have much better success when hunting alone; with that being said, I will never pass up the opportunity to hunt with family and friends that I trust and I am comfortable with. The bond that is built and strengthened in these experiences cannot be broke and it cannot be forgotten. Here is one such instance:

Jared “J-Rod” Bloomgren

PSE’s Jared “J-Rod” Bloomgren

This last spring turkey season I look my 2 year old daughter Emmalynn hunting with me. I knew the chances of taking a gobbler with her noisy antics in the blind could be difficult. But I was ok with that. After all, I just wanted this experience to be something that would teach her a little bit about hunting. I wanted it to be a learning experience that can be built on year after year. The first few evenings in the blind she was loving the experience and she was very excited. I taught her how to use a slate call and she was making all kinds of racket and even pulled a long beard into range! Couldn’t believe it! When the tom gobbled, the look on her face was priceless! I didn’t even know he was coming in….what were the chances!? Her idea of spinning around in the blind singing “Ring Around the Rosie” didn’t allow that bird to stick around long enough for a shot. But I wasn’t bothered at all…..it was a learning experience for her and a very good one too. We watched other wildlife move past the blind such as deer and various birds. She had never gotten the chance to see wildlife in this setting and I could tell that her gears were turning as she watched them. She was hooked like I was many many years ago when I was hunting with my late father. On our last evening hunt we were able to call in 8 different turkeys and she was able to watch me make a good shot at 30 yards on a big gobbler. I didn’t expect to harvest a turkey with her along this last season, but when I was able to it forged and built our relationship and our love for hunting that much more! I look forward to future adventures with my daughter and younger son and anybody else who I am lucky enough to share this amazing sport with. So get out there with a loved one and have the experience of your life!

Jared “J-Rod” Bloomgren is a hardcore Do-It-Yourself bowhunter who strives to better himself each year in the outdoor community. As a professional hunter, freelance writer and photographer, he likes to relive his outdoor adventures through written expression and photography making the reader feel as if they were along on the hunt. He attributes much of his success to the vital education he has learned from the various big game animals that he hunts. He is quoted as saying, “In each and every hunt, success or defeat, I learn something from every outing and that I can put in my arsenal of knowledge to use at a later date, a later date that will again put my wits against that of my prey.”

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