More Than Just a Pretty Bow….the Stiletto!

2013 PSE Stiletto

2013 PSE Stiletto

Pre-Order Now From Your Local PSE Dealer!Pre-Order from your local dealer now!

The old advertising slogan “strong enough for a man, but made for a woman” has never been more accurate than in the Stiletto™. Only PSE, the inventors of the legendary X-Force™, can create a bow that delivers the maximum speed and performance that women need in a bow. We started with a light mass weight platform and engineered a bow designed to get maximum speed with incredible accuracy at shorter draw lengths and lighter poundage. The Stiletto™ is a compact 29 ¾” axle-to-axle design that uses the Mini EVO™ Cam with posi-lock inner-cam for ½” draw length adjustments without modules down to 23” draw lengths. The result is a women’s bow that produces 320 fps at a 27 ½” draw.

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