Dominate the World With the Dominator 3D Max!

2013 PSE Dominator 3D Max

2013 PSE Dominator 3D Max

Pre-Order Now From Your Local PSE Dealer!Pre-Order from your local dealer now!

What happens when you combine the revolutionary design and technology of the Dominator™ MAX with a shorter axle-to-axle geometry? You get the hottest 3D bow on the planet! The Dominator™ 3D MAX has all the features of the Dominator™ MAX: super stable shoot through riser, revolutionary Centerlock 2™ Limb Pocket system, Symmetric Raptor™ grip, Backstop 2™, FleX™ Cable Slide, fourth generation X-Tech split limbs and the Mini EVO™ Hybrid cams. The result is a 36 ¼” axle-to-axle target bow that is sure to dominate the 3D trail in 2013!

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One response

  1. juan l de guevara

    hi , I already have thi dominator 3D 2011
    is it really lighter this new 2012 model and why

    October 4, 2012 at 9:28 pm

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