PSE’s Pedro Ampuero Enjoying the freedom of the Outdoors

By Pedro Ampuero

Pedro Ampuero

PSE’s Pedro Ampuero Backpacking

I have to admit I love every way of hunting, all of them have something special, but the one that fulfills me more is mountain hunting.

You realize how small we are in this vast world. Being alone in the middle of nowhere, just hearing the sound of wind, with only your own tracks behind is one of the best ways of getting out of the rush way of living in this modern world and truly enjoying outdoors freedom.

Pedro Ampuero

PSE’s Pedro Ampuero’s Snow tracks in the Tian Shan, Kyrgyzstan

The mountains challenge us both physically and mentally, having the capacity of taking the best and worst of you. It is tough and beautiful at the same time, and when you try it for the first time, either you hate it or get in love with it for the rest of your life.

Pedro Ampuero

PSE’s Pedro Ampuero in a Blizzard

In Spain we can hunt the Chamois and the Spanish ibex, which are two gorgeous animals. The Spanish ibex is very well known because of its beauty, and many hunters visit Spain to try to get one with the bow every year. On the other hand, the chamois is typically a more challenging, since it leaves on a tougher terrain, and although its trophy may not be as beautiful as the ibex, it’s my favorite in the Spanish Peninsula.

Pedro Ampuero

SE’s Pedro Ampuero Ibex Dani

The world is full of sheep, goats, ibex, argalis, etc.. In some of the most astonishing and wildest places on earth, which just being there makes any hunt worthy.

I would say the most important thing you need for hunting in the mountains, especially with the bow is patience. Never rush and learn to take your time before making a decision. A wrong decision can take you lot of useless hiking and waste a lot of time of your hunt.

Pedro Ampuero

PSE’s Pedro Ampuero Dall Sheep

Get prepared for your next mountain hunt to take the best out of you,

Good luck,
Pedro Ampuero

Pedro is a mechanical engineer by trade and a bowhunter by heart. He is the co-founder of the blog AdventurousBowhunter.com and Cazandoconarco.es and has written many articles for the hunting industry and currently collaborates with the most prestigious companies on the industry.

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