PSE’s Emily Anderson – The Count Down to ELK!

By Emily Anderson

Emily Anderson

PSE’s Emily Anderson

If you ask me what hunt, I count down the days for each year, I’ll respond without hesitation… Elk!  For this reason, September has a special place in my heart.  Ever since I first heard a bugle echo across a ridge top, I’ve been unable to get the sound out of my head.  The sound is haunting, frightening, and glorious all wrapped up together. However, I don’t mind having it stuck in my head.  On the contrary, I look forward to the chance each year to sneak into a bull’s backyard and have him bark a warning call announcing that I am now in HIS territory.  The bugles in the recesses of my memory are easily recalled when I think of these close encounters.  I’m reminded of moments when a bugling elk was so close that every hair on the back of my neck stood at attention.  And there’s the time when I caught a bull dead in his tracks five yards away from where I sat, and I got to enjoy another bugle and snot blowing demonstration.  And still another memory floods back of the time I slept above timberline and listened to two bulls fight in the meadow nearby while the cows mewed and walked all around my tent.

Allen Fader

Allen Fader

As the aspen leaves begin to show hints of gold each year, you can be guaranteed that my husband and I will be heading out on public land in the wilderness of Colorado.  That is the style of hunting we prefer in our home state… do-it-yourself on public lands.  In my opinion, DIY hunting feels as if the reward is just a little bit greater when you head out on a hunt, unguided and tearing up the tread on your hiking boots.  I want to plant my feet on high places and travel through thick forested lands in my quest to arrow whatever animal I have a tag in my pocket for… and most likely, it will be elk!

Yes, September feels a little bit like Christmas to me.  I get to spend several weeks up in the mountains of Colorado enjoying God’s creation all around me, and if I’m lucky, I’ll release an arrow and come home with meat to fill my freezer.

Emily Anderson’s hunting journey began shortly after she got married. She enjoys the passions for the outdoors, hunting and fishing as a team with her husband. She established www.FromTheDraw.com as a way to share her stories as a female hunter. Emily lives in Colorado and is currently on an Elk hunt. She is now a PSE Staff Blogger and will be posting daily about her experiences and views on archery and hunting.

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