PSE’s Pedro Ampuero – Bow Hunting is in my Veins Forever

By Pedro Ampuero

Pedro Ampuero

Pedro Ampuero Roe Deer with his Father

I started hunting with my dad when I was 4, and that’s the main reason now I feel at home when I’m in the mountains. We usually went hunting roe deer and wild boar in the weekends, and I don’t know how I always had such a great time with my father despite the long waiting hours, long walks and bad weather.

I got my first buck at the age of 7 and I will never forget the moment when my dad offered me the rifle to try to take it. I felt so much pressure and adrenaline! Three years later I got my best buck ever alone, it was just a monster and I didn’t realize how big it was until I got older. Nothing similar has been taken in that area and I have already assumed I will never get one like that.  My father was proud but frustrated; he hadn’t seen a buck like that in all his life and he left his son 20 minutes alone…

Pedro Ampuero

PSE’S Pedro Ampuero First Buck

My father gave me on my 14th birthday a shotgun so I could go hunting by myself. It was a great challenge, since I could only shot accurately under 50 yards. Getting so close to the animals made me learn a lot, and I realized that trying to get closer and closer was becoming part of me.

Pedro Ampuero

PSE’S Pedro Ampuero Boar

Later that year I found an old bow from my dad. He started hunting with a bow but had to quit after being injured on a polar bear hunt in the North Pole on the shoulder. I started training and one year later I was hunting with it, or at least trying! It was tough to learn things since in Spain bow hunting was not popular, so I learned a lot from my mistakes. Best advice ever a friend gives me after a year of shooting… “Try to anchor always on the same place”. I was like? What do you mean, anchor? I was confident shooting at 10 yards, and that year I got my first boar at 7. On the other hand it took me 3 years to get my first roe buck spot and stalk. It was a tough journey, but it made me learn a lot.

Pedro Ampuero

PSE’s Pedro Ampuero First Boar

That’s how bow hunting got into my veins forever. Nowadays I get as nervous as on those years, and although the equipment has improved, it still seems as hard as on those days, still learning from my mistakes every day! What also keeps it the same is the need of finding ways of making it more challenging…

Pedro Ampuero

PSE’s Pedro Ampuero

Enjoy every day in the mountains,

Pedro Ampuero

Pedro Ampuero was raised in Spain, a country full of hunting opportunities in which the hunting season goes year round. He spends many days each year in the field and traveling the world in search of new adventures. You will always find him outdoors scouting, hunting, filming or tracking with his Bavarian bloodhound.

Pedro is a mechanical engineer by trade and a bowhunter by heart. He is the co-founder of the blog AdventurousBowhunter.com and Cazandoconarco.es and has written many articles for the hunting industry and currently collaborates with the most prestigious companies on the industry.

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