PSE’s Albert Quackenbush – A Die Hard Bowhunter

Albert Q

PSE’s Albert Quackenbush

What you see is what you get. That’s exactly how I have lived my life and how I want to be known. My name is Albert Quackenbush and I am a die-hard bow hunter. I have been a bow hunter for 28+ years and I most definitely passionate about it.

Up to this point, I spent most of my life living in Western New York State and utilized everything from a bow to a firearm. I hunted everything, but my passion was for whitetails. I now reside in Southern California where I strictly bow hunt and love to hunt anything I can. One of the things that make it even better is having a great group of hunting buddies out here. In NY I have two of the best hunting partners a guy could ask for; my dad and brother. We always swap stories, talk about gear and plan our next hunting trips. I always look forward to heading back to NY to hunt whitetails with them.

The SoCal Bow hunter blog (SoCalBowhunter.com) started for a few reasons. First and foremost, I love to write. I love telling stories and I getting people involved. I saw little to none of that here in Southern California. I also started it to share information and to get information. When I moved to California, I couldn’t get a hunter to help with anything. Everyone was super tight-lipped. It not only frustrated me, it angered me that my fellow hunters would even give me a tip or two. I wasn’t asking for hunting spots, just where to start. That is primarily the reason I started the blog. The second reason is that I love to test out gear and see what works, what doesn’t, and what I would recommend to my fellow hunters.

I am a Pro Staff member for DIYbowhunter.com, Field Logic and Piranha Custom Bowstrings. I am a member of the RMEF, California Deer Association, NWTF, and is a Life Member for the North American Hunting Club. Best of all, I am now part of the PSE Blogging Staff and a PSE Field Staff member.

Albert Quackenbush pse

PSE’s Albert Quackenbush & Daughter

Most of all I just want to be the best husband and father I can be. Being a hunter, while important to me, is secondary. Sharing what I know with my daughter will be ongoing as she grows up. I feel that sharing what I know will help keep our heritage alive for future generations.

Albert Quackenbush has been bowhunting for more than 28 years. He shares his adventures on his blog, SoCalBowhunter.com, and also writes for Bow Adventures e-magazine. He is a Pro Staff member for DIYbowhunter.com, Piranha Custom Bowstrings and Field Logic. He is a member of the National Wild Turkey Federation, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, California Deer Association, and is a Life Member of the North American Hunting Club.

Albert was born and raised in New York State where he learned to hunt everything from squirrels to whitetail deer. He currently resides in Southern California with his wife and daughter and hunts year round.

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