Dustin Jones’s Love for the Outdoors and Bowhunting

PSE's Dustin

PSE’s Dustin Jones

My name is Dustin Jones and being a bowhunter just isn’t something I do, it’s who I am. It was how I was raised as a kid and plan on passing down my love for the outdoors to my children just as my dad did. I grew up with my dad taking me on his hunting trips along with my two brothers. This is where my passion for the outdoors began. I remember him giving me my first bow thinking how cool it was, and from that point on I was out in the backyard honing my skills thinking I was just like Robin Hood. I would practice by setting up targets and sneak into position to take the shot. Needless to say I was hooked on archery and especially bowhunting and have been for 17 plus years. Even if I eat some tag soup at the end of the year, the most important thing is that I was able to get out and enjoy the beautiful backcountry.

Dustin Jones PSE

PSE’S Dustin Jones

I started my blog to initially record my hunts and outdoor adventures more like a hunting journal that I can reflect on and share with my kids. In doing so, I noticed that there is a lot of valuable information that could be found through various blogs and websites to help improve my skills as an archer and a hunter. There weren’t very many that I could find here in Idaho that talked about our area. So I started up HighCountryBowhunter.com to share my experiences and what I have found to work for me here in Idaho. Blogs are great ways to gather information because you don’t have to sift through pages of ads like you do in magazines; you get blunt and honest opinions from every day hunters. It is a way for me to share my passion with others and the experiences that I have as a bowhunter. I have gathered some great information from fellow bloggers and have made some friendships that I trust and can rely on for help and suggestions.

Dustin Jones is a passionate outdoorsman who loves to hunt, especially bowhunt. He created his blog, HighCountryBowhunter.com, to share his experiences with others. He is a Field Staff member for DIYbowhunter.com and Adventure Team member for MINOX Hunting Optics.

Dustin was born and raised in Eastern Idaho where he currently resides with his wife and two sons.

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