PSE’s Spook Spann Explains the Importance of Choosing the Right Equipment


Editor’s Note: Spook Spann shoots both the PSE Freak and the PSE Omen Pro. Many pros shoot more than one bow. PSE wanted to know why Spann shot two different bows, and how he chose which bow he’d use on a hunt.

I just started shooting the Freak this summer of 2012, and I’m trying it out to see what advantages it can give me. I usually try to match my bow to the terrain and weather conditions I’m hunting, and the type of game I’ll try to take. For instance, if I’m hunting in a ground blind, I want a shorter bow that I can draw easily and use to shoot through the window of a total concealment ground blind. Sometimes I choose the bow I’ll hunt with just because I’m in the mood to shoot that bow. I have a lot of confidence in both bows, the Omen Pro and the Freak. Too, as important as the bow is, there’s much more equipment that goes into making a good shot. I like the PSE 300 shafts, Swhacker broadheads, NuFletch fletchings and Whisker Biscuit rests.

Swhacker Broadheads – The reason I like these broadheads is first because of their tips, which are designed to penetrate bone. Although we all like to get a clean pass-through without our arrow hitting bone, you won’t always make the perfect shot. Often your arrow will have to pass through one or more ribs, the spinal column, the front shoulder, the hindquarter or even the neck. Big game animals have a lot of bones, so there’s a very good chance that the tip of your broadhead will come into contact with a bone. I like the Swhacker, because it’s designed to penetrate bone. I shot a fixed-blade broadhead for many years and didn’t think I’d ever change to a mechanical broadhead. But when I saw the devastation the Swhacker broadhead delivered that convinced me to try them. Another thing I like about this broadhead is it flies exactly like a field point, and I can practice with field tips. I also like the 2-inch cut the Swhacker delivers, and I’ve found it to be very reliable.

Whisker Biscuit Rests – The Whisker Biscuit is an easy rest to use, since it’s easy to load, easy to carry and easy to shoot. I do quite a bit of spot-and-stalk hunting, and when I nock an arrow on my Whisker Biscuit, I don’t have to worry about the arrow falling off the rest. Too, you don’t have to fiddle with it much like you do more sensitive rests. I’m a big proponent of simple, quick and easy-to-use equipment when I’m bowhunting.

PSE Spook

NuFletch System – This system is a fletching system all in itself that provides an inset for the fletching end of the arrow. You just screw it in on the fletching end of the arrow, and replacing fletchings is quick and easy. You don’t have to replace your nock. Taking care of my fletchings and keeping them in huntable shape is much easier with the NuFletch System than other fletching systems I’ve seen.

Camo – Most of the time I wear Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity, but if I’m hunting from a tree stand or in another type of terrain I may use Mossy Oak Treestand. The reason I use Infinity most of the time is because I like the 3D look of this pattern and the color scheme blends-in well with a wide variety of habitats and terrain. I hunt all over the country and I like to use a camo pattern that works almost anywhere.

Optics – I like the Nikon EDG binoculars and spotting scopes. The features that surprised me about Nikon was that I didn’t have to compromise in quality or light-gathering ability. I’ve found the Nikon binoculars to be just as good as binoculars that cost a lot more, like older, more expensive European brands. I like the 10×42 binoculars better than the 8X binoculars, since I like to see a long way, especially when I’m hunting out West. I also like how compact the Nikon 10×42 binoculars are compared to other 10×42 sets I’ve tested, especially for bowhunting. I’m sure other hunters have their own reasons for choosing the equipment they use, but these are the reasons I use these products when I bowhunt.

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    Love to have two bows ready to go, budgetary concerns pushed me into selling my Specialist and sticking with the Insanity CPXL this season.

    August 28, 2012 at 12:08 pm

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