Curtis Goettsch Takes a Nice Buck with his PSE Dream Season Evo


PSE’s Curtis Goettsch

Editor’s Note: Curtis Goettsch of Elkader, Iowa has several reasons for loving PSE bows.

I hardly could wait for bow season to arrive. I put out trail cameras in August of 2011 and maintained them until October when bow season started. I had found a really nice buck with my trail cameras. Three days before I harvested this buck, I had trail camera pictures of his creating a scrape not 50-yards from where I took him. This buck was a 9 pointer and scored 135 inches.

I went out that morning, and I got to my stand well before sunrise. Just as first light brightened up the dark woods, I could hear deer in the woods around me. My stand was about 50-yards from a Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) grass field. As I looked out into the CRP field, I saw the sun reflecting from antlers. I spotted a fork horn buck coming in downwind of me toward the scrape where I was set up. The scrape was about 10-yards in front of my stand. The little fork horn came in and worked the scrape upwind of me. Apparently the buck in the CRP field either saw or winded the fork horn buck. I could see the buck from the CRP field steadily walking toward the scrape where the fork horn had been. As the buck came in, I recognized him as the buck that I had seen on my trail camera pictures. I hadn’t really made the decision to shoot him since the only time I’d seen him was in the pictures. He came in and worked the same scrape that the fork horn had worked.

Curtis Goettsch Hunting

White Tail Deer

I finally made the decision that I would take him once I got a really good look at him. However, he was so close that I didn’t dare draw on him. The buck sensed that something was wrong, even though he hadn’t seen or smelled me. He looked my way, but he didn’t look at me. He started trotting off, and he was moving away from me. I drew my PSE Dream Season EVO. He stopped, slightly quartering away and broadside to me at 20 yards. I had an opening in the brush with a clean shot at his vital area. When I released the arrow, I got a clean pass through. The buck trotted off. I watched him jump a fence and go back about 40-yards out into the grassy field from where he’d come. I was able to see him go down, and I knew I had made good on my shot. My PSE Dream Season EVO had done its job. I had assumed the buck would score somewhere between 130 and 140 on the P&Y scale and when we put a tape on him, he measured 134 – 4/8. So, the first year that I had the PSE Dream Season EVO, I won my first 3D archery tournament and took a really nice buck, but that’s not the end of the story.

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