Curtis Goettsch’s Hunting World Changed in 1996 When He Took Two Deer with His PSE Bow

Curtis Goettsch Bow Hunting

PSE’s Curtis Goettsch

Editor’s Note: Curtis Goettsch of Elkader, Iowa, has several reasons for loving PSE bows.

When I bought my first PSE bow, the PSE Polaris Express, I was in high school, and a neighbor of mine was shooting that bow. Later he put it for sale, and I bought it. I bought the bow to deer hunt with and started off shooting aluminum arrows. When I finally laid it down, I had put a Whisker Biscuit arrow rest on it as well as new sights and was using carbon arrows. I changed a lot of things on the bow, but I never changed bows, because that bow did everything I needed it to do when I was hunting. I mainly bought the bow because of its speed. At that time, it was one of the fastest bows on the market, and it was quiet. The only reason I bought another bow was because the newer bows were so much faster. Today I shoot the PSE Dream Season Evo. If that old Polaris Express had the speed that we can get from bows today I still would be shooting it. I used that bow until 2006, I’ve taken deer out to 50 yards and still own it, even though I don’t shoot it any more.

Curtis Goettsch PSE

Bow Hunting

The first deer I ever harvested, I took with my Polaris Express. She was a mature doe, and I shot her during the early season. Later that year I took a 145-inch 10-point buck with that same bow. The doe came in about 25 yards. When the doe took the arrow, I knew that I had hit her, but I was new to bowhunting and wasn’t sure how well I’d placed the arrow. So, I backed out of the woods and didn’t pressure the deer. After I felt like I’d given her enough time to lie down, I went back and blood trailed her. She only had gone 60 yards. I remember how excited I was to actually have taken a deer with a bow and arrow. Up until I took that doe, I  had only  riffle hunted. When I took that doe, and later that season took a buck, I was hooked on bowhunting and PSE.

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