PSE Performance Speaks for itself

Written By Matt Setzer
Matt Setzer

I have been a PSE loyalist for close to 30 years. My loyalty was earned when I bought my first PSE bow in the mid 80’s, shot it to death in a two year period, and was treated professionally and generously with a new replacement bow. They won me over with their good sense of customer service and they backed their products.

About 15 years ago my archery career had developed enough for me to be given the privilege of becoming a member of PSE’s shooting staff – A goal I had established when I first started shooting target archery in the 90’s. After accomplishing that goal I set my sights on another – to win a national championship.

Over the past decade I executed various tasks to try and accomplish that goal. Reading various archery books and articles, studying, training indoors and outside, attending shooting school all became part of my evolution. This past winter it all came together when I started shooting an EVO 7. It started with a 59x SFAA indoor state championship, followed by an indoor NFAA Mid-Atlantic Championship, an outdoor NFAA Mid-Atlantic Championship and culminated with a record breaking NFAA Outdoor National Championship in Senior Bow Hunter Freestyle.

Quite a run and I owe it to a hunting bow that shoots like a target bow. The 55 pounds I draw is smooth and easy on my 57 year old shoulders, and produces incredible speed that allows me to shoot a pin rack that is close to an inch in height, making my holds in, half in, touching, or framing close to the spot. The bow flat out shoots with consistency, forgiveness, and ease unlike any other bow I have ever shot.

Many thanks for designing and producing an easy shooting, high performance, quality bow that enabled me to realize my goal and make my dream come true. My loyalty continues to grow as PSE engineering and performance makes a resounding statement in the target and hunting world.

Matt Setzer

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