Glenn Eilers Tells About the Buck That Vanished

Glenn Eilers

Glenn Eilers

Editor’s Note: When Glenn Eilers of Shelbyville, Kentucky, discovered PSE bows 8 years ago, he decided he’d found a bow that was made for him. He’s been able to use PSE bows to take some really nice whitetails.

In 2009, I had good trail camera pictures all summer long of the buck I planned to take that year. However, when he rubbed the velvet off his antlers, he vanished. I finally caught up to the buck in November where he was about 1/2 mile away from the place where I’d seen him all summer. I still could get trail camera pictures of this buck. But, after studying pictures from several different locations, this buck didn’t seem to have an established movement pattern. The way I finally caught up to this buck was I noticed he’d come into an area where does were bedded down. Then he’d use his nose to try and determine if a doe that was coming into estrus was in that bedding area. So, I set up my portable treestand downwind of the bedding area and waited on the buck to arrive. I had seen this buck the year before, and he would’ve scored about 150 then. But, I could tell then by his body size and his rack that he was only about a 3 year old deer. After I harvested my deer in 2008, I continued to try and keep up with this deer with my trail cameras to make sure he made it through gun season.

During gun season, we don’t hunt our deer with guns, but instead, let our property be like a sanctuary. When gun season was putting a lot of pressure on the bucks around our property, they could find food and sanctuary on our property. When I saw this buck in the winter of 2008, I didn’t get a reflection from the deer’s left eye on my trail camera pictures. So, I knew he had an injury on his left eye. Once I finally took this buck in November of 2009, his left eye was damaged, and I don’t know whether it was from a buck fight or not. As a result of having his left eye damaged, his left antler grew a couple of extra points on it. He scored in the 185 range, and I took that deer with my PSE Bow Madness.

Tomorrow: Glenn Eilers Explains the Buck He Took While His Cameraman Filmed

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