Better Deer Hunting Tactics with PSE and Glenn Eilers

Using trail cams with deer

Using trail cams with deer

Editor’s Note: When Glenn Eilers of Shelbyville, Kentucky, discovered PSE bows 8 years ago, he decided he’d found a bow that was made for him. He’s been able to use PSE bows to take some really nice whitetails.

I had shot another bow for several years, before I got my first PSE . The first thing that caught my attention on the PSE bow was the grip. Then, when I started shooting the bow, I liked the speed that it produced and the smoothness of the draw. My first PSE bow was the PSE Firestorm X. I liked this bow because it was really short – only 28 inches axle to axle. I was excited about the ergonomics in this little bow. Because it was small, I felt it was a perfect tree stand bow. I also liked its one cam design, and the draw cycle it had. The bow just felt great from the time I picked it up, to the time I released the arrow. The first two seasons I had this bow, I shot two nice bucks in the velvet. I took a 145 class 10 point, and I shot a main frame 8.

Kentucky’s bow deer season begins the first Saturday in September. We usually have about 2 weeks to hunt when the bucks’ antlers still are in the velvet. Usually about the middle of September, they start scraping the velvet off their antlers. I found these two bucks by using trail cameras, which we begin putting out about the first of July near mineral licks and/or corn. We’ve learned that until the bucks shed their velvet, they’re usually in bachelor groups. When they’re on their summer patterns, they’re extremely predictable, unless an area has inclement weather. I had hundreds of pictures of both these bucks before I took them. On the land I hunt, we inventory all of our bucks and name them. Then, we make up a hit list of the bucks we want to take that season. We’re trying to only take bucks that are 4 1/2 years old or older. The deer I shot in 2009, I’d seen the previous year on my trail camera, with the deer I took in 2008. By putting out trail cameras while the deer are in the velvet, you can not only identify the buck you want to take this year, but most of the time you can pick out the buck you want to take the next year. I’ve learned that trail cameras, especially when the deer are in the velvet, can provide the information that you need for one to two seasons. We use trail cameras extensively, especially before the season.

Tomorrow: Glenn Eilers Tells About the Buck That Vanished

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