PSE’s Christopher Perkins Wins the Gold Cup

PSE's Christopher Perkins

PSE’s Christopher Perkins

Editor’s Note: Christopher Perkins from Athens, Ontario, Canada, has been shooting for PSE for the last 2 years. In 4 weeks, this 20 year old earned $18,000 in two professional archery tournaments – not bad for a summer job. How did he do it, and what has he learned that can help you become a target archer and bowhunter? (Perkins enjoys both sports.)

Question: Christopher, where was the Gold Cup held?

Perkins: Bloomingfield, New Jersey.

Question: How many contestants were in your division?

Perkins: There were only 10 or 12 of us, so it wasn’t a very big shoot.

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Question: How far were you shooting?

Perkins: We were shooting at 70 meters. Normally we shoot at 50 meters, and I don’t understand why they had us at 70. The shoot has gotten to be a smaller shoot, not nearly as big as it has been in the past.

Question: How many times did you miss the center of the target?

Perkins: I missed the dot 5 times out of 72 arrows.

Question: Christopher, what causes you to miss?

Perkins: I just made some bad shots. When you’re shooting at that distance there are a lot of variables. At that distance, the wind can have an effect on your accuracy. You can make a good shot, but the wind can blow your arrow off the target. I think basically I didn’t make as clean a shot as I should have made.

Question: How do you correct a bad shot on the next shot?

Perkins: Often you’ll basically know what you did wrong, so you go back through your shot procedure and correct that mistake. Most of the time it’s only a little tiny correction that you have to make.

Question: What caused you to miss at the Gold Cup shoot?

Perkins: I probably was a little weak on the shot, and the arrow didn’t come off the string as fast as it should have. So, on the next shot, I made sure I had the bow all the way back to the wall.

Question: Christopher, how many tournaments do you shoot each year?

Perkins: I’ll probably shoot 10 or 12 during the course of a season.

Question: How much are you practicing to get ready for each of those tournaments?

Perkins: I practice every day, and I try to shoot 300 or 400 arrows in a day. I shoot in the morning and then shoot in the afternoon and take a mid-day break. But when you’re shooting that many arrows, your practice session is more or less an all-day event.

Question: So, you’re shooting between 150 and 200 arrows in the morning and the same number of arrows in the afternoon. How many shots do you make before you go pull arrows, and who’s pulling the arrows for you?

Perkins: I shoot 6 arrows before I pull the arrows, and I’m the one who goes to get them and bring them back. I spend most of the day shooting and pulling arrows.

Question: Do you have an archery coach?

Perkins: Yeah, kinda. Greg Nielsen was my first archery coach, and my last coach was Kathy Millar.

Question: What’s the advantage of having an archery coach?

Perkins: When I first started shooting target archery, the archery coach could say, “Okay, you’re doing this wrong, here’s what you need to do to fix it.” I’ve been shooting so much for so long now that I now know what I do wrong when I’m not shooting right, and I know what I need to do to fix the problem.

Tomorrow: What the Future Holds for PSE’s Christopher Perkins

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