PSE’s Christopher Perkins Wins Redding Trail Shoot and Gold Cup

Chris Perkins Takes the World Record!!

PSE’s Christopher Perkins

PSE’s Christopher Perkins Wins Redding Trail Shoot and Gold Cup

Editor’s Note: Christopher Perkins from Athens, Ontario, Canada, has been shooting for PSE for the last 2 years. In 4 weeks, this 20 year old earned $18,000 in two professional archery tournaments – not bad for a summer job. How did he do it, and what has he learned that can help you become a target archer and bowhunter? (Perkins enjoys both sports.)

Question: Christopher, what bow are you shooting now in tournament archery?

Perkins: I shoot the PSE Dominator Pro.

Question: Why are you shooting that bow?

Perkins: I fell in love with this bow in 2011 when it was first introduced. This year (2012), PSE optimized the cams and made the bow even better than last year’s model. I like the bow, and it shoots well.

Question: In three weeks in May of 2012, you made $18,000 in tournament archery. What tournaments did you shoot?

Perkins: The first week in May I went to the Western Classic Trail Shoot in Redding, California. The tournament is often called the Redding Trail Shoot. I won the male pro division competing against more than 150 or 200 people. I made about $16,000 at that shoot. Then I shot the Gold Cup in New Jersey and placed first in that tournament, and that tournament paid about $2,000.

Question: Christopher, how long have you been shooting tournament archery?

Perkins: About 9 years, but I didn’t start out to be a tournament archery shooter. My dad was a bowhunter, and he bought me a bow. I started shooting targets, so that I could get ready to go bowhunting when I was old enough. My dad heard of some 3D archery tournaments that were being conducted in our area, and he took me to the shoots. When I learned that there was a target aspect of shooting the bow, I tried that type of competition and really liked it.

PSE's 2012 Dominator Pro

PSE’s 2012 Dominator Pro

Question: What do you like about shooting target archery?

Perkins: I get to travel and meet a lot of new people – even from different countries. Archery is a very friendly sport, when you’re on the line competing, and when you come off the line to talk with the other archers you meet at a tournament. And, shooting archery is fun for me.

Question: Okay, the first tournament you won money in this year was the Redding tournament. What kind of tournament is that?

Perkins: This tournament is an NFAA Marked 3D championship. 3D targets are set up at different distances at known distances. For instance, when you go up to the line, they’ll tell you the target is at 35 yards, but you don’t know the yardage cut or how you have to estimate aiming, because the targets are set on an incline or a decline. So, even though you know the distance to the target, you don’t know how much the angle of the target increases or decreases or how you have to sight in on that target. Each target has an orange dot on it. If you center the dot with your arrow, you get 11 points. Each one of the targets is set up at a different yardage, and you are permitted to use a range finder. Some of the range finders will calculate the cut for you. The one I was using gave me the cut.

Question: What range finder were you using?

Perkins: I was using a Leupold RX 1000 with DNA (Digitally eNhanced Accuracy). This range finder belonged to one of my buddies. I didn’t really have a rangefinder that I felt comfortable going to this tournament with, so I asked my buddy if I could borrow his. I liked this range finder so much that after the tournament I bought one. It costs about $400 or $500. This was my first time to ever go to Redding, so I wanted to go with a very reliable range finder. I wanted a range finder that would calculate the true distance to the target, whether it was uphill or downhill. I don’t know how it works. I guess it has some kind of ballistic table, but I found that this range finder was dead on. Whatever it determined the range was, that’s what I dialed in my sights to shoot. We shot 70 targets during the weekend, and I only missed 7 dots.

Tomorrow: Why PSE’s Christopher Perkins Decided to Shoot the Western Classic Trail Shoot in Redding This Year

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