Why PSE’s Marty Henrikson Believes Everyone Should Shoot 3D Archery

PSE’s Marty Henrikson

PSE’s Marty Henrikson

Editor’s Note: Many of the best archers in the nation, never start out trying to become the best target archers in the nation. Many of these archers are bowhunters who decide to shoot target archery in the off season to increase their shooting proficiency. Off season target practice helps them to develop better mental attitudes and confidence to better equip them for taking shots when they’re hunting and animals come within bow range. When you’re shooting with a group of target archers, whether you’re shooting dots or 3D targets, when you step up to the line, all eyes will be on you. Everyone is looking at you, hoping that you won’t shoot as accurately as they have. When you first start shooting, you feel the same pressure that you may feel if a buck steps out in front of you within range. However, the more you shoot target archery in the off season, the less that pressure will affect you.  Whether you’re shooting 3D or dots, you learn to focus and concentrate on hitting a small part of a much larger target. Your target archery practice will come in handy when the deer, the elk, the bear or any other big game animal steps in front of you in a hunting situation. Instead of trying to shoot the entire animal, you can focus and aim at a small spot on that animal and be confident that you will shoot accurately. Too, when you’re hunting, a range finder can help you determine the distance of specific objects from your stand. However, many times an animal will come in from a direction you haven’t ranged, and you won’t know the distance of the animal. So, 3D targets can be helpful in preparing for situations like these to practice shooting at unknown distances. Many outdoorsmen are convinced that to become better bowhunters, they need to consider the possibility of shooting target archery this summer. You’ll not only be a better shooter, but you’ll be able to shoot with more confidence, one of the most critical elements for shooting accurately.

Question: Marty, why have you continued to hunt with PSE bows for 36 years?

The main thing I look for in a bow is how reliable is it. When you’ve got a big game animal in front of you that you really want to take, that’s not the time to have a problem with your bow. I’ve found that PSE bows are always smooth. Too, as I’ve aged, the PSE technology has continued to improve over the years. I’ve been able to turn down the weight of my PSE bows and still shoot with more energy coming out of the bow than previous bows I’ve used.

Question: What poundage of bow have you shot in the past, and how many pounds are you presently pulling?

Years ago I shot a 90 pound bow now. Today, I shoot bows in the 60 and 70 pound range, and these PSE bows are producing more energy with less weight than the bows I once shot.

Question: Marty, how much did shooting tournament archery help you as a bowhunter?

Shooting tournament archery was the most valuable tool I utilized to improve my accuracy. Whenever I leave a 3D archery shoot, I am reminded that I can shoot accurately at any range. I developed a great deal of confidence at shooting all types of targets, including different measures of angles and under any conditions. When range finder technology first came into use in the archery industry, my shooting became more accurate. In the early days, we missed a lot of critters, because the bows were slower, and we hadn’t become proficient in estimating distance. 3D archery has helped to increase this accuracy.

Question: Marty, why would you suggest for a newcomer to the sport of archery to shoot tournament archery during the hunting off season?

I know this greatly will improve his accuracy in the field. Too, tournament archer will increase the newcomer’s confidence and his ability to shoot the bow at any targets and distances, whether he’s shooting dots, 3D archery or taking game.

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