PSE’s Frank Pearson Says to Always Have Your Bow Tuned

PSE’s Frank Pearson

PSE’s Frank Pearson

Editor’s Note: Frank Pearson, owner and operator of the Frank Pearson School of Archery and the personal archery coach for Pete Shepley, founder and owner of PSE Archery, has seen the evolution of the bow from the longbow when he first started shooting and competed with up to today’s modern bows and most technical PSE equipment. If anyone knows archery, and how to help an archer shoot better, you can rely on Pearson. This week Frank Pierson will give us practical tips on how to shoot better, whether you are a tournament archer or a bowhunter.

Question: What is another often overlooked aspect of shooting the bow that creates problems for tournament archers and bowhunters?

Not having their bows tuned. One of the first things I teach at my archery school is how to correctly tune a bow.

Question: What is the most important part of tuning a bow?

All the points of tuning a bow are important. The most common problem I see is not having the cams on your bow in time. The second most important thing is that a compound bow is much like a pair of shoes. The bow has to be set up to fit the shooter. If you buy a pair of shoes that don’t fit, you’re going to consistently have problems with those shoes, because they don’t fit you. The same is true of a bow. Each bow has to be set up to fit each individual shooter. A lot of people think that they need to shoot an extra long draw length, because they believe that extra long draw length delivers more speed to the arrow. But extra long won’t deliver the accuracy that you need, if the bow doesn’t fit you. The way your bow fits you plays a major role in how accurately you shoot, just like the right size shoe is the deciding factor in how comfortably you walk and stand. If your bow doesn’t fit you right, there’s no way you can shoot consistently and accurately.

Another factor that plays a major role in shooting accurately is the weight of the bow that you choose to shoot. If the bow is too heavy for you to draw comfortably, you may not shoot accurately, and there’s a good chance you’ll hurt yourself. I believe that any hunter who’s only going to hunt with a bow about 3 months out of the year doesn’t need a bow with a heavier draw weight than 60 pounds. There is no big game animal in the United States that you can’t take with a 60 pound bow, especially with the PSE bows. Ten years ago you probably needed a 75 pound bow to get the same type of performance that you can produce with a 60 pound PSE bow today. The reason that this statement is true is the technology that is being used today in bow designs has increased the performance of the bows that much in 10 years. PSE has engineers on the company’s research and development staff that many other bow companies wish they had. These engineers are really, really good at what they do, and they are consistently learning how to build more performance and speed into bows and allow the archers to pull less weight.

For more information go to http://www.frankpearson.com

Tomorrow: Take Care of Your Bowhunting Equipment to Shoot Accurately with PSE’s Frank Pearson

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