The Phone Call from PSE That Brought Frank Pearson Back into Archery

PSE's Frank Pearson

PSE’s Frank Pearson

Editor’s Note: There are many reasons for shooting archery, and the reasons often change, the longer you’re in the sport. For some, archery offers an opportunity to have a longer hunting season and be able to take more game than the hunters who use a gun can take. Others like the competitive aspect that the sport offers, through a wide variety of various types of competition. Some outdoorsmen enjoy the continuing challenge of being able to hold their bows straight, using the proper form and developing the muscle memory to shoot accurately every time they pull their bows. For the more mechanical minded, archery offers the tools to continue to refine every piece of archery equipment, so that when the sportsman releases the arrow, he or she knows the exact spot in the center ring or on the animal he’s hunting that the arrow will hit. Others want to learn enough about the sport of archery and the equipment to help someone who never has shot a bow before or only has limited experience with a bow to become all they can be in archery. Frank Pierson has found that his ultimate love of archery comes from being able to teach archery teachers and coach some of the best archers in the world.

Pearson explains, “I was sitting outside the house one day, and the phone rang. On the other end of the line was Pete Shepley. He was having some problems with shooting his bow and was preparing to go to Africa, to hunt one of those animals that could kill him. He asked if I would come down to his place and see if I could help him solve his shooting problems. After we got his shooting problem solved, Pete asked, ‘Have you tried out any of our new bows?’ I confessed and told him that I hadn’t, but that if he would give me a decent deal, I’d try one of them. Pete took me into the engineering department of PSE and introduced me to everyone in there. I explained to Pete that I wanted a new bow for me and one for my wife, and the next thing I knew, I was back shooting for PSE again. I never did find out exactly what Pete was going to Africa to hunt, but that was some years ago. Today, my wife and I shoot for PSE, and I go down and play around in PSE’s engineering department a couple of times a week. I don’t work for the engineering department, but I just sort of hang out there and am a kind of a pain in the butt to them.”

After coaching Shepley, Pearson realized that the real love of his life was teaching archery and created the Frank Pearson School of Archery (www.frankpearson.com) in St. David, Arizona, which is close to Tombstone and about 55 miles from Tucson. Today he’s taught archery all across the U.S. and many countries in the world. “I taught my wife how to shoot the bow in 1979, and she’s been ranked as the number 1 female pro in the country about 15 times. Since we’ve started back shooting in the amateur division, she’s won Shooter of the Year for the last 3 years. Right now, she and I both are shooting the Supra.”

Tomorrow: PSE’s Frank Pearson Says When You’re at the Top, Why Go Back to the Bottom

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