Ronnie Strickland Names the Stuff You Need to Take a Turkey with Your PSE Bow

Ronnie "Cuz" Strickland

Ronnie “Cuz” Strickland

Editor’s Note: Ronnie Strickland, known to most people in the outdoor industry as “Cuz,” is the senior vice president of Mossy Oak, and was one of the first outdoor videographers. Strickland enjoyed shooting tournament archery and also was an avid turkey and deer hunter. When Strickland first started hunting turkeys with a bow, the turkey decoy hadn’t been invented, portable blinds hadn’t come on the outdoor scene yet, and very-little information was available about turkey hunting with a bow. This week Strickland tells us about the first three turkeys he ever took with his bow.

Later on in Ronnie Strickland’s career, ground blinds and decoys had been invented. He went to Ohio to film a fellow taking a turkey. Well, we’ll let Ronnie Strickland tell what happened. “This guy had one of those new-fangled ground blinds at that time that totally hid the bowhunter and the cameraman. He also had decoys, and I had my video camera. I never will forget this hunt that was more like a deer hunt than a turkey hunt. My kind of turkey hunting always had been to cut and run, get close to the turkeys and then try and trick them into coming to me by sounding like a hen who seriously wanted a date. We set that blind up, put those decoys out and waited on the side of a field. My hunter said, ‘If they don’t fly here from the roost, they’ll come here in a little while, and I’ll be able to shoot them.’ I was sitting in that blind thinking this is deer hunting, not really turkey hunting.

Ronnie "Cuz" Strickland

Ronnie “Cuz” Strickland

“Hours went by before we finally spotted a turkey. When the turkeys finally showed-up, they made their way over to the decoys. I had a port in the blind to video out of, and he had a window where he could shoot. The turkeys came in, and the gobblers started strutting around the decoys. The hunter waited for 5 or 6 minutes, before he took the shoot. I guess he was waiting on that turkey to get in just the right position, before he released the arrow. Those turkeys never knew we were in the same world with them. My hunter had a big mechanical broadhead, and he had his bow set on 50 pounds. The hunter took the shot when the bird was 5-feet from the blind. I decided right then and there that if your goal was to take a turkey with a bow, this ground blind stuff was the way to do it – unless you wanted the ultimate challenge – taking an eastern gobbler without a blind. The hardest part of taking a turkey with a bow is being able to draw without the turkey seeing you.

PSE Brute X Deer Thug Edition Compound Bow

PSE Brute X Deer Thug Edition Compound Bow

“One of the problems that PSE has eliminated with all the company’s new bows is holding heavy poundage, while you’re waiting on a turkey to get into a place where you can get the shot. I really like my PSE Deer Thug bow. Not only is it easy to draw and most importantly quiet to draw, but it’s also easy to hold and shoots like a rocket. By using the new PSE bows, I know that bagging a gobbler with a bow and arrow is much-more efficient today than it was 35-years ago when I got bit by the hunting-turkeys-with-a-bow bug.”

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