PSE’s Terry Drury Says to Make Sure You Have Time to Set Up on Turkeys

Hunting Turkeys with Drury Outdoors

Hunting Turkeys with Drury Outdoors

Editor’s Note: PSE has asked nationally known outdoorsman Terry Drury to give us his tips and tactics for taking a wild turkeys with his PSE bow.

The only way you can know for sure where to set up your ground blind and your decoys is to locate the turkey ahead of time. You can do this by either finding his roost site before you hunt or see him out in a field or some type of open area before you hunt him. Once you see where the turkey should be, look for a spot where you can set up your ground blind and your decoys on the morning you want to hunt. Give yourself time to reach that place, get the blind set out and brushed in, the decoys set out and then be in the blind long before the turkey can see you. I believe that having the proper set up is 90 percent of what’s required to take a turkey with a bow. Be careful to not set up your decoy and blind, so that as soon as a turkey comes up out of a valley or a ditch he sees the decoy and the blind. Because then he’ll think, “What’s that? I’ve never seen it before. I’m out of here.” If possible, I prefer for a turkey to see the decoy and the blind when he’s out at 100 to 200 yards away. Then he won’t be startled. That’s why I like to set up around field edges, logging roads and young clear cuts, where the turkey can see the set up from a long way off. If the turkeys are close and gobbling really well, but we know we can pick up our blind and decoys and move 50 or 100 yards away without spooking the turkeys, we’ll often do that to get better video footage of turkeys coming in from a long ways off. If a turkey’s gobbling well, and we feel we have time to back up and make a better set up for a bow shot, we may move from 50 to 150 yards away from the turkey to make sure that bird has plenty of time to see the decoys and plenty of time for us to see him.

Hunting Turkeys with Drury Outdoors

Hunting Turkeys with Drury Outdoors

Terry Drury’s Funniest Turkey Hunt:
One of the funniest turkey hunts that Mark and I have ever had, was when we were hunting turkeys in timber without a ground blind. I was sitting against a tree, and Mark was sitting against another – about 5 feet from me. Mark was the shooter, and I was running the video camera. But the way the gobbler came in, Mark was unable to get to full draw on the turkey. The turkey kept coming and walked right between Mark and I. We were so well camouflaged in our Mossy Oak, that the turkey never saw us, although he was only 2 feet from me and about 2 feet from Mark. This gobbler was really big, and we had to let him walk off. That bird just out turkeyed Mark, and me too.

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