Its never too late

by Pedro Ampuero

I have heard several times people complaning that it was late for them to start bowhunting. I always tell them the same… Do you know Bob Speegle?

Bob Speegle is the only hunter named alive by the SCI as a legend in the hunting history. He hunted almost every animal in the world with rifle, spending hundreds of days every year in the field. After hunting every corner and every animal he won the Weatherby. With 65 years old, many people thought that he will slow down hunting, but he was not hunting because of prizes, he hunts just because he loves to do it.

It was then when he was introduced to bowhunting by Tom Hoffman and Jack Frost. He then started bowhunting all over the US, until he end up getting all 29 species with bow and arrow at the age of 81. I was lucky to be able to spend some time with him a few years ago, and what it amazed me more was the way he told me his adventures, you could feel his passion. He told me that he needed like 5 trips for getting a grizzlie, 4 trips for getting a stone sheep, another 5 for…Some people says its all about having money, but the days he has spent living on a tent hunting is something that only true love for hunting can pay.

That happened a few years ago, and the most amazing thing is that he keeps hunting with bow and arrow every season. I met him again this year, and he told me he is now hunting with a 40 pound bow because of an injury, but that he is training hard to try to pull more weight. He is currently 87 years old.

I would like to share one the advices he gave me..

“Patience is the key. It is all about observing the game. Animals got to feed,to sleep, to get sun,… every day the same way us go to work , home or to a pub. As we do, they take the same routes and do the same things if they are not disturbed. Every animal can be hunted with the bow, its all about having the necesary amount of time to be able to understand how they live.”

There are these days a lot of hunting icons, but for me Bob Speegle is the one. This is only a small part of his history, I invite you to search the web to learn more about Robert Speegle. You all will be amazed.

Thanks for your inspiration Bob.

Pedro Ampuero


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