Mike Deschamps Tells about His Unique Hunt for an Arctic Wolf

Mike Deschamps with Wolf

Mike Deschamps with Wolf

Editor’s Note: Mike Deschamps from Brooktondale, New York, has been on the PSE Pro Staff since Pete Shepley first started the company.

Two days after I took my grizzly bear, several members of an Indian Inuit tribe came and knocked on my door at the camp and explained that they’d seen three wolves out on the ice and wanted to see if I wanted to take one of the wolves. The Inuits hunt, trap and sell fur to earn their livings, as they always have. They know the ways of the critters that live up there where they hunt better than anyone. So, when I told them I wanted to hunt the wolf, they put me on a snowmobile. We headed to a canyon that had a river at the bottom of it before emptying into the ocean. They told me, “Stay right here, because this is where the wolf will show up,” and then they left. I had a makeshift blind that I sat in, and within an hour, I heard two shots. As I looked at the canyon, 700 or 800 yards away, I could see a wolf running, closing ground toward me. Then in nothing flat, the wolf was within 100 yards. “Man, I better get ready,” I told myself.

The wolf kept coming exactly the way the Inuit people had said he would come, before finally stopping out at 30 yards and looking back in the direction from where the two shots had come. I drew my bow and shot at his chest, and the arrow went all the way through him. Once again, the PSE Mach 12 proved its reliability, and the big wolf went down. This hunt was only 2 days after I’d taken my grizzly bear with the PSE Mach 12. This wolf was the number 5 all time wolf ever taken and entered in SCI (Safari Club International). He was a beautiful dark black and gray color, and I have him mounted with my grizzly bear. This Arctic wolf was a great trophy. I only have to take six more animals to have taken the Super Slam of archery.

Tomorrow: Mike Deschamps Takes the Lioness That had to Go with His PSE Mach 12 Bow

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