PSE’s Mike Deschamps on the Grizzly Bear That Charged Him

Mike Deschamps with Gizzly Bear

Mike Deschamps with Gizzly Bear

Editor’s Note: Mike Deschamps from Brooktondale, New York, has been on the PSE Pro Staff since Pete Shepley first started the company.

On another hunt with my PSE bow, I was hunting in the Northwest Territories of Canada with my PSE Mach 12. I flew into Bathurst Inlet, which was an early fur trading center back in the 1800s. From there, I got into a freighter sled towed by a snowmobile, and on the fourth day of the hunt, we found a grizzly bear. I stalked in to the bear, but the closer I got, the more the bear began to shrink, and I decided that this grizzly wasn’t the bear I wanted to take. So, I passed on that bear. Five days later on the ninth day of my 12 day hunt, we spotted another bear. When we saw this bear, there was no question in my mind that this was a shooter grizzly. This bear was hunting as well, digging up the earth, trying to find and eat ground squirrels. This bear had claws longer than my fingers. I stalked up to 36 yards from this bear, but I had no type of cover, because there were no trees. When I came up to draw my bow, the bear spotted me. These bears rarely, if ever, saw a human. Once the bear saw me, he assumed that I was a bigger something to eat than the ground squirrels. He started coming toward me at a brisk pace, seeing me on his menu. I think I took my face off the string before I released the arrow, because the arrow entered just in front of his right hindquarter and penetrated through the back of his right hindquarter. Once the arrow hit the bear, he instantly spun around two times and then bit the arrow off and ran away from me. The bear then stopped. My guide, who had a range finder, ranged the bear at 70 yards. Because I practiced out to 100 yards, I had a 70 yard pin on my sight. I aimed and released the arrow. The second arrow hit the bear right behind the front shoulder. I quickly nocked a third arrow, the guide ranged the bear at 73 yards, and my third arrow hit the bear in the right shoulder. This time the arrow put the bear down for good.

Generally I’d never take over a 50 yard shot with my bow, although I do practice shooting out to 70 and 100 yards  just in case I need a second arrow or even a third arrow to put a wounded animal down quickly and efficiently. This big grizzly was a world record brown grizzly bear taken with a bow. At the time I took him, he was the number two brown grizzly bear ever taken with any weapon. Standing on his hind legs, he measured more than 10 feet tall.

Tomorrow: Mike Deschamps Tells about His Unique Hunt for an Arctic Wolf

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