King of the Mountains

By Pedro Ampuero

Every year I reserve some days to go hunting ibex. This time I have been hunting in the Spanish province of Teruel.

It is hard to beat an amazing sunrise on a cold frosty morning in the mountains…

The area can’t be more open, which allows to spot ibex from really far away. I love this kind of landscape for hunting with the bow.

In Spain there are four types of ibex, and the target of this trip was the “Beceite Ibex” which is the largest one of them all.

I went hunting with a good friend of mine, Daniel Herranz, who operates Greenatur SL. He is currently managing what are probably consider to be the best hunting areas for ibex in Spain.

The most important thing for me is hunting with good friends. That is the only way you can assure a successful hunt, no matter if you end up getting anything.

It was currently the end of December, and the rut had slown down a little, but we could see ibex of all sizes all over the place.

Finally almost a mile away, we spotted the ibex we were looking for. We made a gorgeous stalk and almost got a shot at 35 yards, but the ibex followed a nanny and disappeared in the blink of an eye. It took a bit to spot the same group again, and by that time, they were already on the top of the mountain.

However, it was our last day and our last chance, so the stalk had to go on. I climbed a 100 feet wall to get to the ibex level, and moving in all fours I got as close to the group as I could. All the group was by that time laying down, so I waited for their next move. (Dani is pointing the wall I climbed).

Suddenly a nanny whistle at me, and all the group stood up. The ibex was quartering away at 65 yards. I drew the bow and put the 55 yard pin on him… The arrow flew straight toward the ibex, hitting him a little to the back. I kept a close eye on the ibex until I saw it fall down!

I think we all hunt to experience moments like this one, when effort, patience and opportunity meet.

It was an easy tracking job for my Bavarian Mountain Bloodhound, but he never minds!

I felt really lucky… an amazing result for an amazing team work!

Good luck to you all in the mountains,

Pedro Ampuero


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