Spook Spann Takes Turkeys with a PSE TAC 15 Crossbow

Spook Spann

Spook Spann

Editor’s Note: Spook Spann, who hosts “Spook Nation” TV show on the Pursuit Channel, has been a PSE pro for 3 years. Spann’s recreation and avocation is taking critters with PSE bows.

Spook Spann: I’ve always been intrigued with crossbows. As my dad’s gotten older, he’s wanted to shoot one, too. So, I thought my dad and I could have fun going turkey hunting with a TAC 15. My dad and I one morning started calling and had two big gobblers strut right into the decoys. I didn’t use a blind; I just sat down next to a big tree and put my back up against the tree. I’d put a bipod on the TAC 15 to give me a steady rest when I got ready to make the shot. The TAC 15 was easy to hold and offered a very stable platform from which to shoot. I started calling, and two big gobblers came strutting in and went right up to the decoys. That TAC 15 was so fast that the bolts blistered the air when I shot it. The gobbler in front of me went down like a rock. Two other gobblers saw him flopping and came in and started pecking at him and kicking him.

Before the hunt, I had practiced with the TAC 15 out to 70 yards, and I was totally amazed at how accurate this crossbow was and how much I enjoyed it. Different people have various ideas about where to aim when you’re shooting at a turkey, but I aimed for the butt of the wing, since that was where the turkey vitals were. I also believed that that shot would take the turkey down really quickly. Once again I was using the Swhacker Broadhead, and I couldn’t believe how quickly the turkey went down and stayed down.

What I was really amazed with about the TAC 15 was that even though it was a crossbow, it was extremely quiet. When I shot the gobbler, I don’t believe the other two turkeys heard a sound. If they did, they would have spooked. But they didn’t, and like I said earlier, they started fighting the gobbler that was flopping. Those turkeys never really knew what had happened. The shot and the bow were so quiet that we had to wait an hour after I’d shot my turkey before we could get up and retrieve him without spooking the other gobblers. I really liked the scope on the TAC 15 because it had MIL Dots in the scope that I could set for different distances. The TAC 15 is really a lot of fun to shoot, and if you haven’t tried one, you may be missing a new era of archery.

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