PSE’s Spook Spann and the Gator Getter

Spook Spann

Spook Spann

Editor’s Note: Spook Spann, who hosts “Spook Nation” TV show on the Pursuit Channel, has been a PSE pro for 3 years. Spann’s recreation and avocation is taking critters with PSE bows.

Spook Spann: I was invited to go to Florida to go on my first alligator hunt. So naturally, I took my PSE Omen Pro. We were hunting the alligators on public land from airboats. On the second night, we found the alligator I wanted to take. What was really neat was that I actually got out on the bank and stalked this alligator, getting to within 15 yards of the gator before drawing my Omen Pro and aiming behind his leg. The arrow I shot him with had a string attached to it with a float. I had a good shot on the gator, and after I made the shot, I climbed back into the airboat. We eased out to the float that was attached to the string, which was attached to the arrow that I’d placed in the gator.

The gator tried to get to deep water, and we could keep up with his movements by watching where the float went. We started pulling on the rope, and I learned that if you didn’t pull hard on an alligator but just applied steady pressure, they’d come up to the top of the water. Once we got the gator up after the first arrow, I took a second shot. I aimed this shot in the center of the gator’s neck, and when the broadhead went in, it must have cut his spinal cord, because the gator became immobile. An alligator has a little soft spot right at the back of its head, and if you can get that shot, you’ll have an instant kill. But because I wasn’t at the angle to be able to get that shot, I aimed at the center of the gator’s back right behind its head.

The gator went down for the second time. I nocked another arrow, and this time the only shot I had was once again right behind his front leg. However, that third shot was enough to put this big gator down. He measured 10 feet long and weighed about 400 pounds. As with any other hunt, the fun’s over after the critter’s down, and then the work begins. We skinned the alligator, and I gave the meat to some friends of mine. We ate the alligator, and I had an alligator rug made from the hide, head and legs. This gator is one of my finer trophies, and once again my PSE Omen Pro did what it was designed to do put the arrow where I wanted it to go each time I took a shot.

Tomorrow: Spook Spann Takes Turkeys with a PSE TAC 15 Crossbow

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