PSE’s Spook Spann’s 162 Point Pope & Young 8 Point Kentucky Buck

Spook Spann

Spook Spann

Editor’s Note: Spook Spann, who hosts “Spook Nation” TV show on the Pursuit Channel, has been a PSE pro for 3 years. Spann’s recreation and avocation is taking critters with PSE bows.

Spook Spann: I took this buck on a late season hunt in January in Kentucky. A big cold front had come through in late December and early January. We were hunting these deer in the afternoon from tree stands on the trail from their bedding area to an alfalfa field. There was also a soybean field nearby. The deer were coming out of a cedar thicket, walking down a ridge through some sage, coming down off the point of the ridge, going to the alfalfa field and eating soybeans.

We had put up our ladder stands on cedar trees and had placed a ladder stand on an oak tree right next to two cedar trees. The cedar trees provided plenty of cover for us. In the late season when all the leaves were off the trees, we knew a buck easily could see you, if you didn’t have much cover to conceal your stand. Those cedar trees were bushy and could break up your silhouette as well as anything. I really like to hunt in or around cedar trees in the late winter. The wind was moderate, and I thought it might blow our scent to the deer, so I put out two of my Wildfire products to help cover our scent and pulled up the wicks so that the scent could flow freely, about 45 minutes into the hunt.

When we saw the buck that I took 45 minutes later, he had his nose in the air. I think he knew that there was something that wasn’t quite right, but he wasn’t alarmed. The buck circled downwind of our stand and then came out right in front of me. He had stopped right in the edge of the woods before going into the alfalfa field to feed. He presented me with a quartering away shot at 26 yards. I aimed my Omen Pro right behind the last rib, so the trajectory of the arrow would be moving forward right into his vitals. The buck went only 200 yards before we found him. I was shooting a Swhacker Broadhead and pushing the broadhead with a Gold Tip arrow. This buck was a huge 8 point. I’d seen this buck two times when I was hunting earlier in the week. I knew he was in the area and had a good feeling about having a chance to take him, since we realized that the alfalfa field and the soybean field were deer magnets. This was the first time we’d hunted this particular stand. I believe in the first strike theory of, “The first time you hunt out of a stand is your best chance to take a trophy buck there.”

Tomorrow: PSE’s Spook Spann and the Gator Getter

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