Dr. Jolene C. Hardy – A Bowhunting Doctor! Pt 1

Dr. Jolene C. Hardy - All bundled up!

Dr. Jolene C. Hardy - All bundled up!

Is there a doctor in the house? Maybe not, but there’s one in camp, and she’s a bow hunter! Yea, you heard right, we said she!

Dr. Jolene C. Hardy is the wife of PSE’s Pro Staffer Tracy Hardy. Jolene is a fellowship trained orthopaedic surgeon specializing in Sports Medicine, at the University of Arizona. (For all you archers with sore shoulders. . .) Jolene has been exposed to archery for several years but recently got serious after she and Tracy married in June 2010. Shortly after they were married, Jolene left Tucson for Salt Lake City to complete her final year of training at the University of Utah, while Tracy held the fort down. During their separation, the two seized every opportunity to rendezvous…including a 10 day Mule deer hunt in Colorado. Jolene drove from Salt Lake to meet her husband in Rangely where Tracy had traveled with their RV.

The following days exposed Jolene to bow hunting in ways that were new, exciting and unexpected to her.

“I really didn’t know what to expect, and fell in love with glassing the open sage country, watching the deer and elk from a distance.One blustery morning just before sunrise Tracy spotted a small herd of bachelor bucks walking a fence line single file. When I saw all those antlers silhouetted against the morning sky, I got so excited! We spent the rest of the time hunting those deer, and we had several chances. Tracy even got a shot at the big 4 pointer. We tried hard but ended up without a deer. Nonetheless, we had a wonderful time!” said Jolene.

After sad goodbyes on the side of the highway, Jo and Tracy drove their separate ways back to Tucson and Salt Lake. Upon arriving in Tucson, Tracy discovered that he had drawn a coveted Gould’s Turkey tag in central Arizona and the next trip was penned into the day planner! In April, Jolene flew to Tucson to be with Tracy when he harvested his Turkey.

Tomorrow we find out what happens on their other adventures!

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