Carbon Force Bow Madness Arrows

Carbon Force Bow Madness Arrows

Carbon Force Bow Madness Arrows

Editor’s Note: Blake Shelby, the Public Relations and Marketing Director for PSE bows was in charge of showing and promoting PSE’s exciting new youth products at this year’s Archery Trade Association (ATA) meeting, held January 10 – 12 in Columbus, Ohio. Shelby explains that PSE’s line-up of new products majors on new and better bows and accessories for young people in 2012.

Question: Tell us about the new Carbon Force Bow Madness arrows.

Shelby: Along with better bows, better quivers, and better sights, PSE has now designed a better arrow. When PSE came out with the Carbon Force Arrows, with Radial X Weave technology, the bow-hunting world embraced this technology and raced to get the new arrows. These arrows are true wrap carbon fiber. Wrapping the arrow in carbon fiber does amazing things to the performance of the arrow. A truly wrapped arrow does not have a spine or a high spot on it. A seam can cause inconsistent arrow flight if you don’t have the arrow lined up perfectly on the bow each time you shoot. But because a wrapped carbon fiber arrow has no seam, you not only have much more consistency, but you have much more strength in the arrow. PSE’s Carbon Force arrows aren’t nearly as susceptible to side impact as other arrows, and the arrow is much more durable.

After introducing the technology in the Carbon Force arrow, the next step up is the Bow Madness arrow, which features the Radial X Weave technology. The Bow Madness arrow is an affordable, feature-packed arrow that has incredible graphics and also comes with a Fusion Three Vein on the arrow. These are 3-inch veins that give you an incredible amount of stability. These veins are created by fusing a softer plastic on the bottom of the vein, which allows outstanding adhesion to the arrow shaft with a stiffer plastic on the top of the vein, producing really good flight control. These arrows are .003 straightness out and are matched with 5 grains per dozen, and retail for $99 per dozen. Bow Madness arrows are a great value for an arrow of this quality, and they were designed to shoot outstandingly in the new PSE bows.

To learn more about PSE’s top-quality bows and hunting accessories, click here.


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