The Chaos FC for the Teenager

2012 PSE Chaos FC

2012 PSE Chaos FC

Editor’s Note: Blake Shelby, the Public Relations and Marketing Director for PSE bows was in charge of showing and promoting PSE’s exciting new youth products at this year’s Archery Trade Association (ATA) meeting, held January 10 – 12 in Columbus, Ohio. Shelby explains that PSE’s line-up of new products majors on new and better bows and accessories for young people in 2012.

Shelby: As we said yesterday, the new youth shooters today start at ages as early as 3 and 4. However, youth shooters go all the way up in age into the teenage years. So for the next class of youth shooters who need to step up after the Mini Burner, PSE has designed the Chaos bow, which comes in two versions.

The Chaos FC gives you maximum adjustability for young men and women when they hit a growth spurt. The Chaos FC features the FC cam, which is a dual-cam design with 11 inches of draw length adjustment. The Chaos FC can almost be doubled in weight, and is incredibly fast at 284 fps with a 27-inch draw. PSE has a youth hunting staff, and one of the members of that staff is Wyatt Gregory, who shoots the Chaos FC bow. This bow is offered in 29-, 40-, 50-, and 60-pounds draw weights. The 60 pounds version is a great weight for teenagers, and can be adjusted down to a 30 pounds range.

PSE has developed an extensive line of youth bows that fit the draw lengths of really young shooters all the way up to teenagers. Within PSE’s new line, you can find all the weights and draw lengths you need to fit almost any young shooter. These bows grow with the shooter, which is especially important if you have more than one child in the family that wants to shoot archery. As the older child moves up in draw length and draw weight, you can adjust that bow down, so the younger child can inherit the bow as big brother or big sister grows taller and stronger.

PSE has also developed the Chaos One, a one-cam bow that features a little more performance with 302 fps at 28 inches. When you have an older teenager that you know isn’t going to grow much more, you can get 6 inches of draw length adjustment in the Chaos One, as well as more performance. We offer the Chaos One in 40-, 50-, and 60-pounds draw weights. If you select the 40-pounds model, it will adjust down to about 36 pounds, as well as adjust up to around 43 to 44 pounds, so it has quite a bit of poundage adjustability. PSE is designing and developing bows that fit individual youth’s needs, regardless of their age, size, or gender. We’re also creating bows with as much flexibility in length and weight as possible, so that once the shooter is comfortable with the bow, he or she doesn’t have to give up the bow they grew up with in order to add weight or draw length. The Chaos One is the bow that Mark Drury’s daughter, Taylor, shoots. Taylor takes a lot of pride in her Chaos One, and it’s hard to get that bow out of her hands.

PSE is extremely conscious of the economy we live in. We know it becomes very important to the archer consumer to have a bow that can grow with the young shooter.

So for the young shooters in your family, take a hard look at the Mini Burner and the different models of the Chaos. I’m sure you’ll find a bow that will fit the needs of the youngsters in your family, to grow along with them, at an affordable price that still offers extreme performance.

Tomorrow: High-Tech Quiver for High Tech Broadheads and Arrows

To learn more about PSE’s top-quality bows and hunting accessories, click here.


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