Never Too Young to Shoot a Bow

Youth Shooting Bow

Editor’s Note: Blake Shelby, the Public Relations and Marketing Director for PSE bows was in charge of showing and promoting PSE’s exciting new youth products at this year’s Archery Trade Association (ATA) meeting, held January 10 – 12 in Columbus, Ohio. Shelby explains that PSE’s line-up of new products majors on new and better bows and accessories for young people in 2012.

Shelby: We’re beginning to see youngsters shoot archery at a much younger age than in previous years. We now have children as young as 3- and 4-years old who can drill a target. We’re also seeing young people from 16 to 18 years of age that can almost compete with the big boys of archery. The youth that PSE needed to design bows for has drastically changed in recent years. We found it was hard to design a single bow that would meet the needs of today’s youth for ages ranging from 8- to 15-year olds, so we decided to start specifically with our youngest archers.

When I was 15-years old, I was 6’2”, and I sure didn’t want to shoot the same bow a 4- or 5-year old would shoot. I’m sure that even today, most 15-year olds would feel the same way because one bow will not fit all young people. PSE started out to solve this problem by focusing first on the very young shooter, and we’ve designed the new Mini Burner, especially for this age bracket. The Mini Burner is designed specifically for the really young shooter, and has a tremendous amount of technology and adjustability built into the bow. The Mini Burner has 11 inches of draw-length adjustment to allow the bow to grow with the youngster. The bow will adjust from 16 to 26 inches of draw. This bow comes in weights of 20, 29, and 40 pounds. The 40-pound model of the Mini Burner can adjust all the way down to 20 pounds, so it allows for a tremendous amount of growth for the young shooter. The Mini Burner’s cams also have settings that allow you to let the draw length out, increasing the weight of the bow as you increase draw length. So, the Mini Burner has an almost infinite amount of built-in adjustability.

PSE didn’t want to shortchange our young people, so the Mini Burner has many of the same features as our X-Force bows. The Mini Burner has the same X-technology cams, so our young shooters will get incredible performance out of this bow. Too, this is a bow youngsters can start out hunting with, because it packs the punch they need if they go into the woods to hunt. (Check your state hunting regulations on what poundage of bow is permitted for use in big-game hunting) We believe the Mini Burner bow, that adjusts up to 40 pounds and down to 20 pounds will probably be the best seller in its category.

If you have a 3- or 4-year old that wants to start shooting, we also offer a 20- and 29-pounds version. With these versions, your little guy or gal can learn to shoot, and shoot accurately and comfortably with a bow designed just for them.

As we said last week, we’ve seen a tremendous number of ladies coming into the sport of archery, and that’s why PSE designed the Stiletto. By the same token, we’re seeing a lot of young people beginning to shoot the bow, and we realized we needed to design a bow for these youngsters that don’t want to have to wait until they can pull a heavy bow before they can start shooting. We believe that youngsters today who start shooting will be the competition archers and bow hunters of the future. So PSE decided to start delivering the best technology possible to them at an early age.

In the past, youth bows have primarily been designed for target archery. But with the new PSE Mini Burner, we’ve designed a bow that youngsters can not only use for target archery, but also for hunting. The Mini Burner delivers 261 fps at a 26-inch draw length, which is incredible speed for a youth bow. It’s a high-quality bow and it’s not made inexpensively. We included all of the technology one would expect from a high-end PSE bow in the Mini Burner. This youth bow retails for around $129, and has built-in years of adjustability.

Tomorrow: The Chaos FC for the Teenager

To learn more about PSE’s top-quality bows and hunting accessories, click here.


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  1. The opportunities for getting the kids involved are great! Thank you for all you do PSE.

    February 27, 2012 at 5:02 pm

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