The PSE Rally: The Most Adjustable Bow in the Marketplace

2012 PSE Rally

2012 PSE Rally

Editor’s Note: Would you like great new features at no extra cost? PSE is constantly looking for ways to make their bows better fit their customer’s needs. In the 2012 new product line for PSE, you’ll see more adjustability, better fit and many more technical bows. The bows are easier to shoot and produce better performance for all archers. To get the best information, we’ve talked with Blake Shelby, the Public Relations and Marketing Director for PSE Bows, who says that, “PSE bow designers are the most unsatisfied engineers in the world, because they always believe they can make bows better.”

Shelby: We listen to our customers, especially the dealers at the bow shops. Our question to them was, “What can we do to help you the most?” Their answer was, “Give us one bow that we can adjust to fit any shooter.” As you know, the fit of a bow has major bearing on accuracy and also on comfort, grip and shootability of the bow. The PSE engineers wanted to give the dealers what they wanted, a bow that was easy to adjust to any shooter. That bow is the new Rally. The Rally is the most adjustable bow that PSE ever has made. Our small youth bows have great adjustability, but we’ve now produced this full adult size adjustable bow. The Rally has good speed at 308 fps, it has a 7 ½    inch brace height, and it’s 33 ¾ inches long. One main feature of the Rally is its 12 inches of draw length adjustment. This bow can go from 18 to 31 inches of draw length. You also can change the amount of weight that you pull by simply loosening the cables in the cam. So, if you buy a 50 pound model, you can get it down to 15 pounds of pull weight. If you buy a 60 pound model, you can get it down to 18 pounds of draw weight. And, if you buy a 70 pound model, you can get the bow down to 20 pounds of draw weight.

Your first question may be, “Why produce a bow with so much adjustability?” Well, here are some of the reasons:

  •  We know that most bowhunters don’t start shooting their bows until bow season’s almost arrived. As they continue shooting, they get stronger and stronger the more they practice. In the early days of practice, they need a lightweight bow to develop and build their muscles. By the time hunting season comes in, they’re often ready to shoot heavier weights. We’ve found that when archers start shooting a lot in preparation for hunting season or for tournament archery, they often want to increase the weight of their bows by as much as 15 to 20 pounds as their muscles get stronger, and they desire more speed. They can take the Rally and start at a very low poundage (half the weight of the bow) and then begin to add pounds to the bow as they become stronger.
  •  Another factor that makes this bow great is that many bowhunters have children who need to start off shooting with light poundage. With this bow, the youngster can start shooting at 20 pounds, and as he or she gets stronger, move up in weight to a weight that’s comfortable to him as he grows.
  •  A bowhunter who buys a Rally, as he moves up in weight and wants more features, can pass the Rally down to his children, and then step up to a more expensive bow himself.
  •  An older hunter who’s been shooting a heavy poundage bow can stay in the industry much longer if he or she purchases a Rally and turns the weight of the bow down to the weight that’s comfortable to him.
  •  The Rally doesn’t have a specific weight, because it’s so adjustable and will fit almost any shooter. The re sale value on the Rally will stay very high, since this bow can be adjusted to fit almost any hunter.

We’ve given our dealers and customers what they’ve wanted: the most adjustable bow in the marketplace for a very price conscious consumer. The Rally is priced at $299. For this reason, an entry level bowhunter or a tournament archer can get into the sport of bowhunting or tournament archery at a very reasonable price, with a bow that will grow with him or her and the family. With a conventional bow that only has 6 to 10 pounds of weight adjustment, there isn’t much adjustment a shooter can make. The Rally gives the shooter almost double the weight adjustment in the same bow. One of the things I do is that when I get new bows, I pass my old bows on to other people who want to get into bowhunting. These people may be family, friends or just an individual who needs a bow and doesn’t have one. But when you pass the bow on, the bow really needs to fit the person that you’re giving it to, and the Rally can be adjusted to fit almost anyone.

One big advantage for the retailers is that now they don’t have to sell a wide variety of introductory bows. They now will have a bow to fit any customer who may come into the shop and is interested in beginning to shoot archery. The Rally will adjust to almost any body who walks into a bow shop, at any time of the year.

To learn more about PSE’s top-quality bows and hunting accessories, click here.


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  1. David

    I have heard of a bow with a 15# draw and a 500# release. Do you got anything like that? And in a left hand model?

    May 9, 2013 at 2:05 pm

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