The All New 2012 PSE Vendetta Bow

2012 PSE Vendetta

2012 PSE Vendetta

Editor’s Note: Would you like great new features at no extra cost? PSE is constantly looking for ways to make their bows better fit their customer’s needs. In the 2012 new product line for PSE, you’ll see more adjustability, better fit and many more technical bows. The bows are easier to shoot and produce better performance for all archers. To get the best information, we’ve talked with Blake Shelby, the Public Relations and Marketing Director for PSE Bows, who says that, “PSE bow designers are the most unsatisfied engineers in the world, because they always believe they can make bows better.”

Question: Blake, the Vendetta has been an extremely popular, less expensive bow from PSE. Have you made any changes in this line?

Shelby: The Vendetta is a rock star and has almost a cult following. In the past, we’ve offered a couple of different bows in our Vendetta line, but this year our engineers looked at the Vendetta and chose to completely redesign it. We’re introducing a new drive cam for the Vendetta bows. This cam is incredibly fast at 330 fps, and it’s one of the smoothest bows in our line, featuring a very smooth draw cycle. The Vendetta still has all of the speed you’ve come to expect from the Pro Series bows, but the new Vendetta is somewhat longer in length. At 34 inches axle to axle, it really feels great when you shoot it. The Vendetta is usually the bow a hunter gets when he first gets into archery or when he wants to step up from a lower priced bow with fewer features. When PSE came out with the Pro Series bows, the world of archery was forever changed. Now PSE wants to drastically improve the bow that has always been a great bow, to make it better at a lower price.

PSE’s motto has always been, “Deliver the most features and benefits for a price that bowhunters can pay, and give them the best shooting bows they can possibly have for the dollars they have to spend.” PSE bow designers are the most unsatisfied engineers in the world. They always believe that they can continue to make bows better. This reason is why PSE engineers want to continue improving classics like the Vendetta, just like they’ve improved the EVO. They want Vendetta shooters to be able to take advantage of all the new technology that’s coming to the forefront of the archery industry and get that technology in bows they can appreciate.

Tomorrow: Ladies, Here Comes the PSE Stiletto Bow

To learn more about PSE’s top-quality bows and hunting accessories, click here.


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