PSE Creates Three EVOs for 2012, But Keeps the 2011 Price Intact

2012 PSE Dream Season EVO

2012 PSE Dream Season EVO

Editor’s Note: Would you like great new features at no extra cost? PSE is constantly looking for ways to make their bows better fit their customer’s needs. In the 2012 new product line for PSE, you’ll see more adjustability, better fit and many more technical bows. The bows are easier to shoot and produce better performance for all archers. To get the best information, we’ve talked with Blake Shelby, the Public Relations and Marketing Director for PSE Bows, who says that, “PSE bow designers are the most unsatisfied engineers in the world, because they always believe they can make bows better.”

Question: What’s the next bow you’re excited about, Blake? And what makes it special and different for 2012?

Shelby: With the success of the EVO last year, we really worked hard to give it more options. So this year, for the shooters who liked a little more forgiveness and a longer brace height, we came out with a 7 inch brace height EVO called the EVO 7. We built a bow that delivers 335 fps with all of the exact same features as the 2012 Dream Season EVO but has a 7 inch brace height.



To make more bows to fit more hunters, we also created a bow with a shorter brace height than the standard 2012 Dream Season EVO, called the EVO SD. This bow is designed for archers all the way down to a 24 ½ inch draw length and fits archers from 24 ½ to 28 ½ inch draw lengths. With the addition of these two bows to the EVO line, once again we’re developing bows that fit more shooters, rather than trying to make the shooters fit the bows. Now everyone can shoot an EVO, whether he or she wants the standard, the 7 inch or the EVO SD. You get all of these new features in the 2012 model, to fit almost every archer, regardless of draw length.

2012 PSE EVO 7

2012 PSE EVO 7

Another feature to appreciate is that all three of the new EVOs will sell for the same price as the EVO did in 2011. The EVO 7 has a 31 inch draw length, while the standard EVO has a 30 inch draw length, and the EVO SD goes all the way down to a 24 ½ inch draw length. We feel that introducing these three bows will serve all of our customers better with the best of PSE engineering, at the same price as last year. All three of these bows have the same cam system and same performance but feature the ability to get a bow that fits you in adjustability. When you’re looking at and comparing bows, you want to pick the bow that fits you the best and delivers the performance you’ve come to expect from PSE Archery.

Tomorrow: The All New 2012 PSE Vendetta Bow

To learn more about PSE’s top-quality bows and hunting accessories, click here.


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