The New 2012 PSE Dream Season EVO

2012 PSE Dream Season EVO

2012 PSE Dream Season EVO

Editor’s Note: Would you like great new features at no extra cost? PSE is constantly looking for ways to make their bows better fit their customer’s needs. In the 2012 new product line for PSE, you’ll see more adjustability, better fit and many more technical bows. The bows are easier to shoot and produce better performance for all archers. To get the best information, we’ve talked with Blake Shelby, the Public Relations and Marketing Director for PSE Bows, who says that, “PSE bow designers are the most unsatisfied engineers in the world, because they always believe they can make bows better.”

Question: The Archery Trade Association (ATA) held its annual show for new products on January 10th through 12th in Columbus, Ohio. PSE Archery was there showing its new line of equipment for 2012. Blake, what was PSE’s number one flagship bow this year at the ATA Show, and why?

Shelby: This year, we introduced the new and improved 2012 Dream Season EVO in X-Force line. The EVO was introduced in 2011 and set the world of archery on fire. We couldn’t produce enough EVOs to meet the demand of all the archers wanting them across the nation. The EVO is the smoothest drawing bow in the X-Force line. At 345 fps, the EVO has incredible speed. But one of the reasons that so many people began to demand the EVO is because of its smooth draw cycle. We make bows that are faster, like the Omen Pro. But the bowhunting community also has demanded the speed, the performance and the draw cycle that the EVO delivers.

The EVO was so successful last year, that this year, we’ve decided to optimize the bow. We’ve improved the cams and reduced vibrations to give the bow a better feel. One of the biggest improvements we’ve made to the EVO is a new cam system. Now, you can get draw lengths within ½ inch, with a total of 6 possible inches in draw length adjustment, without a module change. In the past, if you were shooting 26 ½ inch draw lengths, you had to settle for either a 26 or a 27 inch draw length. This ½ inch increment difference wasn’t too bad, but you couldn’t make the bow fit you perfectly, unless you changed the module. Now, without having to change any parts of the bow, you can get the ½ inch adjustments you may need. The new bow also has a stainless steel locking pin that locks the inner cam into place, so there’s no possibility of slipping. Tournament archers and bowhunters love and ask for precision and adjustability in their bows. That ½ inch really can make a big difference in how comfortably an archer shoots. The more customized you can make a bow (especially a performance bow like the EVO), the better bow you have. In the past, archers using precision bows have been somewhat limited to specific draw lengths, including a module change at every draw length. But now that the EVO has an inner cam, changing the draw length is much easier.

The new EVO also comes with 30% longer limb pockets, and a new limb system that works within these pockets. The new limbs are our fourth generation of X-Force limbs. The new EVO has 20% more bend, so that you have less reflex in the riser. Any time you have a straighter riser, the more accuracy you can get out of your bow.

What’s great is that PSE is delivering all these new features on the EVO to our customers without increasing the price of the bow. The new PSE Dream Season EVO in the X-Force line is probably one of the lowest priced high end bows on the archery market. In this tough economy, we’ve deliberately set out to increase performance, but not the price, so the 2012 EVO will be the same price as last year’s model. Another great advantage of the EVO is that it will hold its price well compared to other bows, if you decide to trade it in or sell it when you step up to the next generation of PSE bows. We’re really excited about what PSE has been able to do to deliver the features our customers have requested without increasing prices.

To learn more about PSE’s top-quality bows and hunting accessories, click here.

Tomorrow: PSE Creates Three EVOs for 2012, But Keeps the 2011 Price Intact


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