Taylor Drury Talks about Her School, Friends and Bowhunting

Taylor Drury - Drury Outdoors

Taylor Drury - Drury Outdoors

Editor’s Note: Taylor Drury is the 16 year old daughter of Mark Drury of Drury Outdoors and the creator of M.A.D. Calls. Taylor can’t remember when she first started shooting a bow, but the family likes to joke that she was born with a bow in her hand. Taylor explains that, “I really like watching animals and enjoy shooting my bow and taking deer. Most of all, I enjoy the quality time I spend with my dad in the outdoors when we scout, put out cameras, plant green fields, and hunt together.” This week, we’ll learn more about Taylor, what hunting means to her, and why hunting is such a strong thread that’s woven through the fabric of the Drury family.

Taylor Drury: Yesterday, I spoke about how my boyfriend and my dad spent two afternoons together in a tree stand. Sometimes people ask me if I’m going to teach Zac how to shoot a bow, but honestly, I don’t know. I think Zac may want to continue learning about hunting from behind a camera, before he tries to master a bow. He can learn much more about how and why we hunt from behind a camera than he can while shooting a bow. From behind the camera, he can better understand the effort and reasoning in planting green fields, scouting, putting out trail cameras, studying pictures and trying to determine which bucks we should or shouldn’t take in the coming season. And, after that, if he wants to learn to shoot a bow, we can start teaching him.

I know how to shoot a bow, and I feel like I can shoot a bow with a lot of confidence. I may be able to teach Zac, but if he wants to learn to shoot a bow, I’d prefer for my dad to teach him. My dad’s the best bowhunting instructor I’ve ever known. My dad is patient and knows exactly what and how to teach. I think my boyfriend will learn far more from my dad than he will from me. I’m not sure I have the patience to be a good teacher, but I know my dad has that patience. Zac has told me that after being in a tree stand with my dad, at some point he may like to harvest a deer.

Many of my friends don’t even know that I’m a bowhunter, or that I’m on television and in videos. We live in the city, where there seems to be two types of people, either hunters or PETA advocates. I don’t share with a lot of people at school that I hunt and am on television and in videos. A few boys at my school who have grown up hunting and watching our TV shows think I’m cool, because I know how to shoot a bow and take a deer. The guys interested in hunting are really interested in talking to me about how I hunt, and what I do on hunts. Most of my friends think it’s really cool that I’m an outdoors person and a bowhunter and get to hunt with my dad, especially since not many girls at my school hunt. But the subject of my hunting doesn’t come up much at school.

Tomorrow: No Matter What Taylor Drury’s Future Holds, She’ll Still Be Outdoors

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