A Dad and a Buck for Taylor Drury to Remember

 Taylor & Mark Drury - Drury Outdoors

Taylor & Mark Drury - Drury Outdoors

Editor’s Note: Taylor Drury is the 16 year old daughter of Mark Drury of Drury Outdoors and the creator of M.A.D. Calls. Taylor can’t remember when she first started shooting a bow, but the family likes to joke that she was born with a bow in her hand. Taylor explains that, “I really like watching animals and enjoy shooting my bow and taking deer. Most of all, I enjoy the quality time I spend with my dad in the outdoors when we scout, put out cameras, plant green fields, and hunt together.” This week, we’ll learn more about Taylor, what hunting means to her, and why hunting is such a strong thread that’s woven through the fabric of the Drury family.

Taylor Drury: Last year, I took the best bow buck I’ve ever taken. However, this wasn’t the first time I’d drawn my bow on this deer. We named the buck, Chief Tricks, because every time I’d get a shot, just before I could release the arrow, he’d run away. My dad had taken me to one of the favorite fields we’ve planted and named, Hourglass. Relatively early in the day, there still was plenty of daylight. We saw two other deer, and then we saw Chief Tricks, coming out from the side, 10 yards from my stand. One thing I’ve learned is that settling in to take a shot at a deer is much harder than settling in to take a shot at target archery in the backyard. My nerves immediately go crazy when I see a deer to shoot. My heart starts pumping fast, and when I start to make my draw, I feel like I’m pulling a 100 pound bow. But I’m always able to pull my Chaos to full draw, and I always remember what my dad has taught me about how to follow through after the release. I’ve had so much practice with the Chaos that I have a tremendous amount of confidence in my bow. I’ve learned that with my Chaos, I don’t have to think about my bow. All I have to do is keep my form and go through my shooting sequence, and the bow will do its job. This time when Chief Tricks came in, I made my draw, went through my shooting sequence, released the arrow and knew I had a good hit.

After seeing Chief Tricks stand still for a moment and then run off, we climbed down out of the tree stand and started tracking the buck. We had a good blood trail on Chief Tricks, so I knew I had double lunged him. We found him about 50  or 60 yards away. Seeing that buck with those horns gave me an amazing feeling. I was almost surprised that my Chaos at low poundage could take down this monster buck. Chief Tricks scored 140 on the Pope & Young scale. Every time I take a deer with my bow, when I finally get to that deer, there’s a level of excitement that makes me want to do it all over again to find that same joy.

I also enjoy the effort my dad and I put in together when we prepare green fields, put out cameras, and study the pictures of the wildlife. Before the season opens, we like to watch deer from a blind. And all of our hard work comes together when either of us gets to take a buck with our PSE bows. For me, taking that buck with my Chaos was one of the major accomplishments in my life, especially at 16 years old. I also feel really special to have a dad who invests so much time in teaching me how to shoot accurately. Knowing that my dad has confidence in my ability to shoot, and then finally taking a deer with my bow, is one of my favorite things.

Tomorrow: Bowhunting – The Way That Taylor Drury’s Dad, Mark Drury, and Boyfriend Got to Know Each Other

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