PSE’s Mark Drury on Getting to Know His Daughter’s Boyfriend through Hunting

Taylor & Mark Drury - Drury Outdoors

Taylor & Mark Drury - Drury Outdoors

Editor’s Note: Why would a daddy teach his daughter to hunt, and what are the benefits? This week, we’ll learn the answers to these questions and more from PSE’s Mark Drury of Drury Outdoors, a nationally known turkey caller and deer and turkey hunter. You’ll be surprised what you’ll learn about why every father should get his daughter into hunting.

Question: Mark, what happened when boys started coming around to see Taylor?
Drury: Taylor is dating a young man named Zac. When Taylor brought Zac to the farm to go hunting for the first time, I told her, “We’re way down in the number of deer we’ve taken on video for Drury Outdoors. We’ve got to take more deer, so I need at least two people hunting and two people videoing. I’ll take a nice buck, and you can take a nice buck. I’ll send you out with Joe Foster, (who has been my cameraman for 3 years), and I’ll take Zac with me. I’ll teach Zac how to run a camera. Zac can sit in a tree and film me hunting. We really need to hunt this way this weekend.” Taylor didn’t act like she minded having her boyfriend hunt with me, and I think she knew that I’d spend enough time with him, so he’d feel comfortable running a camera.

Question: What was spending an afternoon with your daughter’s boyfriend like?
Drury: I had a lot of fun with Zac. At first, he didn’t know the difference between a camera and a rabbit.

Question: What did you learn about Zac when you two were in the tree together?
Drury: I learned that he got very nervous every time we saw a deer. I also learned that he was a good forward thinker, and that he had a good eye for the camera. Zac did really well, and I think he is a sharp young man. But, I need to clear something up. When Zac and I went on our first deer hunt, we didn’t get in a tree stand, we went to a box blind.

Question: What was going on in the blind when you weren’t seeing deer?
Drury: We were both texting Taylor and aggravating her. Zac would text her, “Your dad told me some things I never knew about you.” Then, I would text her and say, “You won’t believe what Zac just said.” Zac and I were both driving Taylor crazy, because we wouldn’t explain what we were texting to her. We aggravated the tar out of her, and she took all the kidding hook, line and sinker.

Question: What did Taylor think when you decided to take him out the second day with you?
Drury: By then, she thought it was all good, but I’ve got to tell you what I did. As I mentioned earlier, Taylor’s not a morning person, so I let both her and Zac sleep late. The next morning when Joe and I went out to hunt, Taylor was in her room, and Zac was in the lower sleeping quarters. Before daylight, I took one of my trail cameras, hid it on the banister and pointed it straight at Taylor’s room. When I came back and checked the camera, I had a picture of Taylor coming out of her room and headed to the bathroom. She got up again at 8:20 am and went to the bathroom. At 10:15 am, I got a picture of Zac peeking in her room to see if she was awake. She finally woke up and came out of her room at 10:30 am. So Dads, I want you to know that you can use trail cameras to monitor teenagers, just like you use trail cameras to monitor deer. I showed Zac and Taylor the pictures and said, “You two never know where I’m going to hang a trail camera.”

Tomorrow: What’s in the Future for PSE’s Mark Drury?

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2 responses

  1. Hello
    I have a great story, my husband & I have been together for 33 yrs it wasnt till about 13 yrs ago he finally started hunting with me his family & him didnt believe that a woman enjoyed hunting they all just thiught I wanted to go to keep an eye on him so finally about 13 yrs ago he took me up around were he hunts & made me knock at doors & get permission to hunt I got a piece of property that was just about 2 miles from were he hunted on opening day of shot gun he asked me if he could keep the truck & he would drop me off & pick me up I knew it was a test so I said yes so we get to my woods now mind you it was 1.5 hrs before sunrise & I had to walk a ways threw the field to get to my woods & then all the way around it to get to my ground blind he went to drop me off & I told him when he gets back at 10 to pick me up if I am not at the road to drive my truck back cause that means I got a deer well 10 rolled around & he came walking back to my woods to find me I asked him why he didnt drive my truck back there he said why I said because I killed a deer he laughed & said well were is it I took him over to it & he could not believe it so he walked backed to get the truck then he looked at me & said well now you have to gut it so I told him okay so he handed me his knife I bent down & wacked off the certain part & threw it over my shoulder & he then wanted the knife back & said he would do it since then I have not had to gut a deer lol but I believe with all my heart it has brought us closer than anything else ever did & he will tell you he would rather go hunting with me than anyone else 🙂 including his twin that he is very close to. We do everything together from hunting to fishing & we are like peanut butter & jelly the perfect match & I have never been happier than what I am now I thank God everyday for putting him in my life he is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

    February 13, 2012 at 4:59 pm

    • That is a great story Elizabeth! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

      February 13, 2012 at 5:02 pm

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