Deer Hunting and Deer Management – A Family Activity for PSE’s Mark Drury and His Daughter Taylor

Taylor Drury - Drury Outdoors

Taylor Drury - Drury Outdoors

Editor’s Note: Why would a daddy teach his daughter to hunt, and what are the benefits? This week, we’ll learn the answers to these questions and more from PSE’s Mark Drury of Drury Outdoors, a nationally known turkey caller and deer and turkey hunter. You’ll be surprised what you’ll learn about why every father should get his daughter into hunting.

Question: Mark, what do the other hunters think when you bring your daughter to hunting camp?
Drury: They love having Taylor in hunting camp. Anywhere we’ve ever hunted, she has always been welcomed. One of the things I’m most proud of about Taylor is that she always fits in great with everyone.

Question: What’s the worst problem you’ve had with Taylor about hunting?
Drury: Taylor is hard to wake up in the morning, and she doesn’t like to get up early for the morning hunt. That’s really the only problem that Taylor and I have had with hunting, and I have overcome the problem. Now, I usually hunt in the mornings by myself or with others, and Taylor and I hunt together in the afternoons. We seldom, if ever, hunt in the mornings together. I quit fighting that battle of trying to get her up. If she wants to sleep in, it’s no longer a big deal. I take my own advice in that when you take your daughter hunting, the hunting needs to be fun for her. Let her hunt the way she wants to hunt, instead of trying to force her to hunt the way you want to hunt.

Question: What PSE bow does Taylor shoot, and why?
Drury: Taylor shoots a PSE Chaos bow and pulls 36 pounds at a draw length of 24 inches. The Chaos delivers the most kinetic energy that she can get in a youth bow. More importantly, she loves that bow.

Question: What arrow and broadhead is she shooting, and why?
Drury: Taylor shoots a Carbon Force 100 Shaft arrow with a Magnus Stinger broadhead and the Rage 40KE broadhead.

Question: Mark, does Taylor scout with you before the season?
Drury: She sure does. Taylor likes to get all the cameras out, get them organized, and make sure they all have batteries and are working properly. When we go to put the cameras out, she likes to drive the 4 wheeler and drop me off, so I can hang the cameras. After the season, Taylor loves to go shed hunting. Taylor and I participate in many deer management activities besides just hunting. However, when the time comes to plow and plant the food plots, Taylor disappears. But, the rest of the year, she’s ready to go with me anytime I want to go. When she was little, Taylor loved to ride the tractor with me when I would plant the green fields, but I’m afraid she’s outgrown that. Her life is changing, she’s got her friends and her boyfriend, and I’m not the only man her life anymore.

Tomorrow: PSE’s Mark Drury on Getting to Know His Daughter’s Boyfriend through Hunting

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