The PSE X-Force Rides the Wind

Editor’s Note: Jamie Long of Okolona, Mississippi, has had his PSE X-Force Bow for about one year and has used it to take several deer. On April 27, 2011, the F-5 tornado that ravaged much of the South passed through Okolona, destroying Long’s home and everything he owned. When the storm was over, the only thing left standing was his PSE X-Force Bow.

The PSE X-Force Can Withstand Tough Hunting Conditions and an F-5 Tornado

Jamie, where were you on April 27, 2011?
I was at my business in Amory, Miss. When I heard about the tornado, I walked outside and watched the storm about 3/4 of a mile away, come across the river and move up toward Smithfield. I could see debris in the air, twirling around, and I thought, “That storm is going to hit somebody’s house.” I had no idea that the storm was headed towards my house. That tornado completely destroyed my house, my two boats, my shed, my barn, my shop and everything I owned. It uprooted and destroyed some giant trees that were more than 100 years old. When I arrived home, I saw the devastation. I only was able to save a handful of items. The day after the tornado, my uncle, who lived next door, and I went out and looked for anything we could find that was a part of my house, shop or barn. While we were looking, my uncle said, “There’s a bow hanging in that cedar tree over there. Do you think that’s your bow?” I went over to the cedar tree and hanging 5 feet above the ground was my PSE X-Force.

When I got the bow down and looked it over, I noticed that it looked just like it had the last time I’d seen it, except for some mud on the bow and in the cams. The bow had traveled 400 yards across a muddy hayfield in the tornado’s winds and landed in the tree. When I got the bow down out of the cedar tree, the first thing I did was draw my bow back. The draw was as smooth as it ever had been. I didn’t know what damage might have been done to the bow, so I had my friend at Outdoor Advantage in Amory, Miss., look at it. He sent the bow back to PSE to have it checked and make sure it was safe to shoot. I couldn’t believe my PSE X-Force had been through a category five tornado and wasn’t torn into pieces! I was really excited because the only damage I could see, which really wasn’t much, was the mud in the cams. Deer season is approaching, and I can’t wait to get my PSE X-Force bow back and start shooting it in preparation for bow season. My PSE X-Force rode the strongest winds we ever had in Mississippi and came out without a scratch and only a little mud on it. Thanks to the folks at PSE who made a bow that withstood the rough conditions of hunting season and an F-5 tornado.

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