PSE announces expansion of its corporate facilities

(Tucson, AZ) – Precision Shooting Equipment, Inc. is celebrating its 40th year of manufacturing high quality archery equipment. It is looking to the future by embarking on a $2.5 million expansion of its corporate facility.  PSE is adding four new precision CNC milling machines to their 175,000 sq. ft. facility.

“In order to engineer and manufacture the most advanced products on the market, we have to continue to expand and invest in the latest manufacturing equipment,” said Pete Shepley, Founder and President of PSE. “This philosophy has proven to be effective over the last 40 years, and it’s the philosophy that will lead us into the future.”

The first phase of the expansion includes the installation of three new precision CNC milling machines that will specialize in producing cams and wheels. The machines are being installed the first week of February, 2011, and should be operational by the middle of February.

The second phase will include the installation of the fourth and largest precision CNC milling machine that will specialize in producing bow risers. This machine will be installed in early March and is expected to be operational by the end of March.

“It’s nice to see that even after 40 years in business, PSE is still growing and expanding,” said Jon Shepley, VP of Sales and Marketing. “We are currently in a record back order situation. While we are excited that our products are in such demand, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver them in a timely manner. I believe this expansion proves how committed we are to resolving the situation.”

Precision Shooting Equipment, Inc., founded in 1971 by Pete Shepley, has been a leading manufacturer and innovator in the archery industry for over 40 years. In addition to PSE products, the company’s portfolio includes Carbon Force arrows, Vibracheck and the King Sport Line. PSE’s corporate offices are located in Tucson, Arizona.

For more information, contact PSE Archery at (520) 884-9065.

To learn more about PSE’s top quality bows and hunting accessories, click here.


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