New PSE Product Accessories for 2012

Dual-X Quiver 5-Arrow

High Tech Quiver for High Tech Broadheads and Arrows

We know that after the PSE engineers develop a new bow or improve one of our best bows like the Vendetta, they don’t just sit on their hands the rest of the year. Our engineers spend time improving the accessories that PSE offers to meet the changing demand of the more technical target archers and bow hunters. One accessory that the archery community has been excited about is the new X Quiver.

Not only is the X Quiver incredibly reasonably priced, but it also has many new features this year that bow hunters have been asking for. The X Quiver has a really nice on/off mechanism, and it works on retention, so that you just pop it into place. Last year, the X Quiver featured a standard hood that shooters had to force broadheads up into. This year, PSE introduced a foam free, expandable broadhead specific hood that has two sets of arrow grabbers. Because we’ve removed the foam from the hood, when you put expandable broadheads into the quiver, the expandable blades aren’t deployed. With this design, you no longer have broadheads sticking into foam in the top of the hood. As broadhead technology has developed, more engineering has gone into developing expandable broadheads that deploy more efficiently and help create better air flight. The price on the new quiver is around $100 to $114. These broadheads are very easy to put on and take off, and they look fantastic on the bow. Although the new X Quiver is specifically designed for expandable broadheads, it’s still a very effective quiver for the fixed head broadheads.

The X Quiver is a one piece quiver that allows the broadhead hunter to take the quiver off the bow and hang it in the tree when hunting, and then reattach the quiver to the bow whenever they’re ready to leave the woods. Not only have we seen expandable broadheads getting better and better, we’ve also observed that the majority of bow hunters are shooting expandable broadheads because they’ve become much more durable than in years past. As a general rule, expandable broadheads produce a much larger cutting diameter than the expandable broadheads of the past. As bows have grown faster (especially in the X-Force Line), using fixed broadheads on these faster bows has proven more difficult than in the past, when we were shooting lower speed bows.

Today, we’re seeing more archers shooting high performance bows and expandable broadheads. These archers require a different type of quiver to support these broadheads than the traditional quiver. For this reason, the engineers at PSE developed the new X Quiver. The X Quiver meets the demand of these high performance shooters and their expandable broadheads. The new set of holders in the X Quiver helps to ensure that the quiver and the arrows in the quiver are extremely quiet when being transported.

PSE Eclipse Micro

A Better Sight for Better Shooters, the PSE Eclipse Micro

Last year, PSE introduced the new sights of the X-Force bows. PSE wanted a high end sight that was very strong and carried all the features that bowhunters want when they go to the woods. There’re a variety of new sights for the X-Force bows, but my favorite is the Eclipse Micro sight. This is a heavy duty, well-built sight, and the main feature of the sight is that it’s one piece machined. There’s very little slack (wiggle room) in the sight. One of the biggest differences between low cost sights and higher priced sights is the precision with which the sight is made, not only the features on the sight.

Any archery company can put a lot of features on a sight, but the real quality in the sight is determined when you loosen the arrow. Does the sight want to fall off of the bow or is it machined very well so that there’re slight tolerances? The PSE Eclipse Micro sight is held to very strong tolerances and detail when the sights are made. Plus it has all of the features that bowhunters want. The Eclipse Micro has an incredible new micro adjustable bubble on it to make sure your alignment is correct before you release the arrow. It also accepts lenses in case you want to put a target lens on the sight for magnification. The Eclipse Micro has micro adjustments for fiber optics and it also includes a light which is a great feature for shooting in low light conditions in states where using a lighted sight is legal.

The Eclipse Micro sight was designed to be tough enough to handle hard conditions, while still including all the features bowhunters want in a high end sight. The sight retails for around $179.99, comes with 5 pins, and the archer can add additional pins if they need them. Take a hard look this season at the Eclipse Micro. You’ll be glad you did, and once you mount it on your bow, you’ll really be able to see why this sight is my personal favorite.

Carbon Force Arrows

Carbon Force Bow Madness Arrows

Along with better bows, better quivers, and better sights, PSE has now designed a better arrow. When PSE came out with the Carbon Force Arrows, with Radial X Weave technology, the bow hunting world embraced this technology and raced to get the new arrows. These arrows are true wrap carbon fiber. Wrapping the arrow in carbon fiber does amazing things to the performance of the arrow. A truly wrapped arrow does not have a spine or a high spot on it. A seam can cause inconsistent arrow flight if you don’t have the arrow lined up perfectly on the bow each time you shoot. But because a wrapped carbon fiber arrow has no seam, you not only have much more consistency, but you have much more strength in the arrow. PSE’s Carbon Force arrows aren’t nearly as susceptible to side impact as other arrows, and the arrow is much more durable.

After introducing the technology in the Carbon Force arrow, the next step up is the Bow Madness arrow, which features the Radial X Weave technology. The Bow Madness arrow is an affordable, feature packed arrow that has incredible graphics and also comes with a Fusion Three Vein on the arrow. These are 3 inch veins that give you an incredible amount of stability. These veins are created by fusing a softer plastic on the bottom of the vein, which allows outstanding adhesion to the arrow shaft with a stiffer plastic on the top of the vein, producing really good flight control. These arrows are .003 straightness out and are matched with 5 grains per dozen, and retail for $99 per dozen. Bow Madness arrows are a great value for an arrow of this quality, and they were designed to shoot outstandingly in the new PSE bows.

To learn more about PSE’s top quality bow and bowhunting accessories, click here.


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