Miranda Leek wins women’s spot for Youth Olympic Games

Des Moines, Iowa
PSE shooters were out in force this weekend at the Easton JOAD Nationals. Four age groups were contended in compound and recurve divisions, male and female, for a total of sixteen national titles on the line. In addition to the JOAD Nationals, this event also hosted the trials to select two archers, one male and one female, to represent the United States at the first ever Youth Olympic Games to be held in Singapore on August 14-26,2010.


For the Youth Olympic Games Trials, archers who had shot the minimum qualification score in the required time frame shot a qualification round of 72 arrows at 70 meters. The field was then cut to top four men and four women to compete further for the two available positions. PSE’s Miranda Leek was joined by two other PSE shooters, Lauren Hughes and Shannon Ostling, to compete for the highly coveted spot. After five rounds of head to head shooting, Miranda Leek and her X Appeal locked up the sole women’s spot for Singapore.

Miranda went on to win the national championship in the Junior Women Recurve division. Karissa Yamaguchi of Phoenix, Arizona won the Cub Women Recurve division shooting an X Appeal.

Congratulations Miranda!

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