Jared Bloomgren – Year of the Thunder Chicken

The 2010 Spring Turkey Season started out like every other season. The first day arrived and up to this point I had been daydreaming about what the season had in store not only for me but for the turkeys as well. These feathered friends of mine tend to send me spinning out of control at times; a full strutting, puttin’, drummin’, gobbling mature tom within mere feet of me always tend to send my heart into overdrive!

There is something to be said about these creatures as they can send me out of control just like any mature bull or buck can! I just don’t know what it is!

After deciding to enter a triple bearded gobbler that I had shot in 2009 that had potential to be the #1 SCI Merriam (Non-typical) Turkey I wondered if I would ever be given another shot at such a bird!? Could it be possible?

To make a very long story short; the 2010 season was something like never before; I was able to take down five BIG mature long beards with three of them ranking high in the record books!

I was able to put my first bird on the ground the first night out. A bruiser of a bird with an 11” beard, at 5 yards; the calling had him come in on a string! A few more trips later I had two birds come into my calling on a cool evening hunt. A 3 yard shot and a 20.5 yard shot had them down in short order! Both birds died 2 feet apart! Not only that but these two birds ended up having the potential of holding the #2 and #3 spots in the SCI Merriam (Non-typical)category! One having three beards and the other having two! A few weeks had passed and a few hunts had as well and I set back out in a different area stoked at how the season was already going! Another evening hunt and a few yelps and some purring and another tom was on location. A 30 yard shot had me looking at another double bearded gobbler that could potentially hold the #2 spot now in the SCI Merriam (Non-typical) category pushing my last two birds to the #3 and #4 spots! I had one tag left and after numerous more outings I was able to spot and stalk a mature tom. He danced for his ladies as I placed a shot through his boiler room from 50 yards. He too didn’t even know what hit him! Another monster typical bird with a 10 ¾” beard! What a way to end the season and what a season it was!

When the feathers settled; I was able to enter four Merriam turkeys into the Archery Non-typical category and currently I hold the top four positions in Safari Club International! I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to take such great animals with my archery equipment. My PSE Axe 6 performed flawlessly and never let me down one time! This is something that is very true to PSE bows. They have always performed as expected! I can’t wait to get out there with my PSE Omen this fall and go after elk and deer in the backcountry!!
Thank you PSE!!!

Jared “J-Rod” Bloomgren
PSE Pro Staff

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