Chris Perkins and his PSE Dominator hybrid cam shot a perfect 10 to win the gold medal at his first World Championship!

Christopher Perkins

Christopher Perkins Wins Gold at the World Archery (formerly FITA) Outdoor Target World Championships, Turin, Italy

Congratulations to Chris Perkins! He shot a perfect 10 to win the gold medal in the Compound Men Individuals at the 2011 World Archery Championships. He was quoted by Archery.org as saying “Lot of nerves! It was my first time in a world championship, but my performance was very steady. As my coach says, I have learned how to cope with my nerves! At this moment I do not even know what to think. I had no expectations coming into this competition. It is my first elite world championships and I only competed in one World Cup stage, last year in Ogden. I finished the qualification in 5th position and that gave me a boost of confidence. Then I followed through with my matches and I shot scores of 148 consistently. Each match gave me even more confidence to carry on. Today I was not intimidated by the final venue. It is beautiful, the organisation did a great job, but it did not intimidate me. Now I’ve won my first world championship and I am only 19 years old. For me it is great! I am so happy. It is unreal!”

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